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Shanghai Shengjianbao

When you are having a travel in Shanghai, don’t forget to taste the snacks in Shanghai too.

Shanghai Shengjianbao can be said to be a native Shanghai snack, which is said to have a history of hundreds of years. Its characteristics are: crisp skin, thick juice, delicious meat. With a bite of the Shengjianbao, the smell of meat, oil, onion, and sesame will not dissipate in the mouth for a long time. Because Shanghai people used to call “Baozi” as “steamed bread”, so the Shengjianbao in Shanghai is generally called the Pan-Fried Steamed Bun. Formerly it is the sideline variety of the tea house, tiger stove (Boiling shop). The stuffing inside is mainly made of fresh pork and frozen skin. After the 1930s, the Shanghai catering industry has a professional shop for Pan-Fried Steamed Bun, and the color of the stuffing has also increased the variety of chicken and shrimp.

The bottom of the outer skin of the Shanghai Shengjianbao is fried into golden color, and some sesame and shallot are sprinkled in the upper part. It smells fragrant and you will bite a mouthful of soup, which is very popular among Shanghainese. The finished product is white, soft and loose, the meat is tender with marinade, and there are sesame and onion flavors when crunching. When it is taken out from the pot, it is the best time to eat it.

The evaluation for the Shanghai Shengjianbao is: “The skin is thin but not broken and not burnt, the second yeast is baked, the fresh soup is full of mouth, and it is a failure when the bottom is thick and burnt.” It shows the advantages of the Shanghai Shengjianbao, but also remind you that just don’t buy those the Shanghai Shengjianbao whose bottom is thick and burnt, as it will be not delicious.