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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

You can obviously feel that the park is working hard to build a brand: all the park staff are courteous; and all free performances are also carefully arranged, and they design different humorous topics, the whole performance are filled with ease and happiness, and there is no cruelty or discomfort to force animals to make the performances; public toilets, rest spots, small shops, shuttle buses and other supporting facilities are also reasonable and sufficient.

There are also some warm tips for you to play in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park:

Shanghai Wild Animal Park has four oversized parking lots from No.1 to No.4, with a total of more than 6,000 parking spaces, making it easier for you to travel by car. The parking lot is charged at a rate of 20 yuan per vehicle!

In the pedestrian zone, in addition to walking tours, there are other means of transportation to make it easy for you to visit the park, such as the battery car and leisure bicycle; battery car has set up multiple sites, the park’s elite exhibition area has been connected to make it convenient for you; leisure bicycle can be divided into bicycles of single row and double row. Visitors can enjoy the tour while riding and free to arrange the tour area to enjoy the entire pedestrian zone.

The park also provides convenience services such as luggage storage, wheelchairs, and baby carriage rental.

If you come to the park late, just don’t worry about it. The park provides the quick service for tourists who enter the park late! There are several CMB buses and excellent tour guides waiting at the door every day, and you can directly enter the area by car so that you can quickly experience the zero distance with the nature!

The biggest trick to play in Shanghai Wild Animal Park is to go into the park early. At 8:00 in the morning, you can enter the park and then quickly go to take the tour bus to start your play.

Jinmao Tower

Shanghai Jinmao Tower is located at No. 88, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is located in the center of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, east to Pudong New Area, west to Shanghai and Huangpu River, south to Pudong Zhangyang Road Commercial and Trade Zone, and north to the Central green space which covers an area of 100,000 square meters.

88-story sightseeing hall: The glass curtain wall in the sightseeing hall has an open view, and the urban scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River and the magnificent scenery of the Yangtze River estuary are in full view. You can also overlook the atrium of the Hyatt Regency Jin Mao Hotel in the sightseeing hall, which is 27 meters in diameter and the handrails of the 28 ring corridors are illuminated by neon lights and has been called by the architects as a “time and space tunnel.”

Time Shuttle: Two ultra-high-speed vertical elevators running 9.1 meters per second can transport visitors directly from the basement floor to the 88th floor in just 45 seconds, giving you an unprecedented speed experience.

Jinmao Tower is worth seeing. The scenery is good. You can see the Pearl Tower and Shanghai Night View. If you have time, try the outside walk on the transparent glass! The scenery of the sightseeing hall is awesome and the whole Shanghai scenery is in your eye, but it is recommended to stay there longer, from the nightfall to the evening, to enjoy the different panoramic views of Shanghai.

Jinmao Tower was once the tallest building in Shanghai, and the buffet above it is Shanghai’s high-end cuisine. Compared with other buffets, Jinmao buffet food is better, which is very authentic, and it has two characteristics: its seafood ingredients are very delicious, authentic, salmon meat is fat and delicious, sweet shrimp is tasty, and the taste and quality of its dessert are super good, with fantastic appearance and excellent ingredients.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, as an iconic building in Shanghai, is a best place to look up and down the high-rise buildings on both sides of the Huangpu River and feel the rhythm of the metropolis.

Introductions of the sightseeing products in Oriental Pearl TV Tower:

1. The 351m Space Capsule allows you to take a bird’s eye view of the city from the highest point of the tower.

Through the mysterious space-time telescope of the universe, you can look for the star space capsule sightseeing layer in the universe. You can also walk with the spaceman to explore all the mysterious planets. Don’t doubt that you are in the magical 351m Space Capsule! You seem to be an extraterrestrial visitor, who can experience the shuttle and adventure in the world and have the opportunity to experience the interaction with the extraterrestrial visitors.

2. The 263m Sightseeing Galleria allows you to look up the banks of the Pujiang River and gain a deep understanding of the vicissitudes of Shanghai and the rich cultural heritage.

In Shanghai, it is difficult to understand the whole picture of Shanghai today! Only on the 263m Sightseeing Galleria of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower can you have better view of both sides of the Pujiang River, and the modern urban style of the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone and the World-class architecture of the Bund are instantly reflected in your eyes. In the heights of this bustling metropolis in Shanghai, while enjoying the magnificent scenery in front of you, you can also gain a deeper understanding of the vicissitudes of Shanghai and the rich cultural heritage. At this moment, standing on such a height to overlook Shanghai will be the pride of your life!

3. Shanghai Urban History and Development Museum shows the changes in Shanghai’s urban history from 700 years ago till now.

Oriental Pearl walks together with Coca-Cola to create a Coca-Cola theme restaurant, which is closely linked to the fashion pulse. In the prosperous Lujiazui financial circle, it creates a place for family and business workers to enjoy leisure and entertainment. Every day, you can find endless surprises here!

Shanghai World Financial Center

The 101-story, 492-meter-high super high-rise integrated development project is located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, and the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Center is regarded as Asia’s international financial and trade center. The Shanghai World Financial Center is located in the center of the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Center. It is built on a 100-meter-wide Century Avenue that runs through the center of the area, along with a 100,000-square-meter Central Green Park. The area’s super high-rise buildings can be seen here and there, and many are still under construction, which are gathering government-related institutions and stock exchanges, various commodity exchanges, major banks, trading companies and so on. Moreover, the urban transportation infrastructure from here to the international hub airport Pudong International Airport is also well established.

Tour Guide of the Shanghai World Financial Center Sightseeing Hall—“Shanghai’s Eye”

Located on the 94th to 100th floors of the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Sightseeing Hall is known as the “Eye of Shanghai” due to the wind tunnel opening design at the top.

The 100th floor of the Eye of Shanghai is a suspended sightseeing corridor with a length of about 55 meters. The transparent glass floor and unique mirror reflections make the city’s heartbeat to a high point.

When you are standing in the eye of Shanghai, the whole city seems to be at your feet. Overlooking the scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River during the day, you will feel the history and changes of Shanghai are clear at a glance. At night, you can look at the large and small wheels on the Huangpu River, which are dotted with the river surface like a spark, and the bustling and hustle of Shanghai at night are in front of you. It is a great place to overlook Shanghai landmarks such as the Oriental Pearl and the Bund on the top.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy the most amazing clouds in the eye of Shanghai in the cloudy and rainy weather.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is located at No. 100, Renmin Avenue, Shanghai. It takes 5 minutes to walk to there after you arrive at the People’s Square Station by subway. Visiting time for the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center: it will be closed on Monday, usually opens from 9:00 to 17:00, but it will stop checking ticket at 16 o’clock. Tickets for the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center are 30 yuan/person.

1F is mainly the entrance and display some colorful paintings; MF historical and cultural city hall is more characteristic as the exhibition hall here has a similar way of showing books, you can pull out the pictures one by one; 2F is the symbol Shanghai – Street – Memory, there are two ways including micro-movie and photo to show off, and you can see the contrast between a street and after a street, but also silently understand the meaning of many new words; 3F is the overall planning hall, the most eye-catching item in this hall is the miniature building. You can find various landmarks in Shanghai. It is very interesting to view here; 4F is a professional and key construction planning hall, and there are mainly interactive, video, question and answer methods to let visitors know about Shanghai’s public transportation, urban planning, etc. in various aspects, for example, there will be data boards showing the development of rail transit in the past few decades; 5F is the symbol Shanghai-Street-Color Rhyme, which mainly displays some paintings, in which the memories of Shanghai cities can be found.

In general, it will take about 2-3 hours to finish your visiting there, and it is suitable for the old Shanghai residents to review the previous memories, but also suitable for foreign travelers to see the changes in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is opposite the museum. The exhibition center shows Shanghai’s development history, urban architecture and urban planning, which are worth visiting. The architecture of Shanghai is very characteristic and the western flavor is very strong.

Shanghai Old Street

In the area of Shanghai Yu Garden (City God Temple), it is now mainly the Shanghai Commodity Market, and is also the most commercial center with Shanghai characteristics, but most of them are old-fashioned buildings and nostalgic places. This is mainly a distribution center for small commodities.

Shanghai Old Street, also known as the “Little East Gate”, is located in the old city of Huangpu District, Shanghai, which is the seat of the Xiaodongmen Gate. Due to historical reasons, the city gate was not preserved, but the nine doors of the Old City Ring City are still deeply in the hearts of the Shanghai people. The Xiaodongmen area, where Shanghai Old Street is located, was originally an important venue for Shanghai’s foreign trade and small commodity trading, and witnessed Shanghai’s economic and social development. The original Shanghai area is located within the ring city.

Traffic: you can take the bus No.11, 926, 920, etc. to reach the Shanghai Old Street.

Address: Fangbang Middle Road (Zhonghua Road – Henan Road).

The old street is near the City God Temple. It takes only a few hundred meters when you take the sightseeing car. You may be perhaps used to modern architecture, then the Old Street in Shanghai will be a great interest for you if you also like the ancient style architecture. You may be also used the ancient culture of Chinese culture. You can see the high buildings of Lujiazui in the old streets, as if they are all breaking through the sky.

The Old Street is all together with Yu Garden and City God Temple, which features Red ancient buildings, lively small commercial streets, and there are so many people. It is very worthwhile to go a visit there. There are a few large ancient buildings, which are very stylish and lively, and all kinds of small goods are for sale on the street.

Old City God Temple

Old City God Temple is located in the center of Shanghai. It reflects the customs of Shanghai people.

Strolling around from the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, eating all kinds of delicious food all the way, and walking east for about 2 kilometers, you will arrive at the lively Shanghai Old City God Temple. In Shanghai, this street stretching from the vicinity of Old City God Temple to Nanjing Road has the taste of old Shanghai. It is the favorite street for so many travelers. The architecture of the Republic of China in Shanghai is vividly presented in front of you. And there are the tram lines all over the sky. Both sides of the road are full of foreign-style buildings. This is the old Shanghai, this is favorite city for so many people traveling there.

From the subway station of Yu Garden, you have to go through the small street on the side of the City God Temple, which is a food street, and there are many foods to eat, and if you visit there during the Lantern Festival, there are many lantern decorations and large lanterns on the street. This road is full of shops which are characterized by the classic garden style. The night of the Old City God Temple is splendid, and there are many shops selling specialty products, food, souvenirs, gold pearl jewelry, silk and so on. And the day is livelier, as it will close at 21:00 o’clock in the evening. In the evening, you will feel the night view of the Old City God Temple is beautiful.

Some people may not feel the historical atmosphere of an ancient temple here. The antique buildings are contiguous, but every household opening stores to do business may make you feel the modern atmosphere of shopping. Looking into the distance, tall buildings rise from the ground, antique buildings and skyscrapers coexist in such a small circle, perhaps it is the helplessness of the development of modern cities, and this is the charm of the magic city of Shanghai.

Shanghai Xintiandi

It is true that Xintiandi is a fashionable gathering place that must to be visited during your trip in Shanghai. If you are lucky, you will see a Hollywood movie star meeting here. When playing in Shanghai, you must go deep into it, and you cannot experience the charm of the city without falling into the art of fashion and delicious food.

The combination of Chinese and Western Shikumen construction has become a must-visit destination for everyone to travel in Shanghai. The shop signs setting at the side of the Shikumen and the light poles are particularly distinctive. The street outside Shikucheng are casual and comfortable foreign coffee shops. Seeing many foreign friends highlights that Xintiandi is the sense of sight of the international city! Everyone’s friendly conversation, multi-emotional street music, and courteous waiters reveals the quality of the group and the good side of life. Many people always have good impression here.

Shanghai Xintiandi is an attraction with Shanghai’s historical and cultural features and it is a fusion of Chinese and Western style. It can go shopping, enjoy leisure and food here. The atmosphere at night is also very good, so that you can get together with friends. Sometimes there are performances of foreign art groups, and it is obvious to feel the artistic culture of the metropolis.

Xintiandi is a leisure and entertainment complex with Shikumen architecture as its main body and European style. It is a collection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It is one of the new landscapes in Shanghai. It is a commercial symbol of Shanghai too. It is also a fashionable zone where Shanghai history and Shanghai modernity are perfectly integrated. Although it is also a transformation of Shanghai’s old alleys, it is more spacious and gives a sense of the times. At night of Xintiandi, there are many people in the restaurant. It is also the ultimate enjoyment to eat the steak while listening to the violin, but the price is very high.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is a super high-rise landmark skyscraper. The Shanghai Tower has a project area of 433,954 square meters and the main building has 118 floors, with a total height of 632 meters and a structural height of 580 meters. Among them, “the top of the world” is the functional experience zone, with the city show viewing platform, entertainment, VIP small bar, catering, sightseeing meetings and other functions.

Official telephone number of the Shanghai Tower: 021-20656999

Time visiting for reference: 1-3 hours

How to go to the Shanghai Tower:

Tunnel: 1 minute from Yan’an East Road Tunnel and 2 minutes from XinJian Road Tunnel

Bus: take the No.938, No.961, No.995 bus, or tunnel No.3t line, tunnel night snack line, Shanghai South line

Subway: 5 minutes’ walk from Lujiazui Station on Line 2, 9 minutes’ walk from Shangcheng Road Station on Line 9

Airport: 44 km from Pudong International Airport and 26 km from Hongqiao International Airport

Railway station: 10 kilometers away from Shanghai Railway Station, 18 kilometers away from Shanghai South Railway Station, 26 kilometers away from Hongqiao Railway Station


Adult ticket: 180 RMB; tickets for student or senior citizen over 60: 120 RMB (from Monday to Friday during January 1st to December 31st)

Half ticket: children between 1 and 1.4 meters

Free of charge: children under 1 meter

Opening hours:

09:00-21:00 (from Monday to Friday during January 1st to December 31st)


It is open to the 118th floor from Monday to Friday and is open to the 118th and 119th floors from Saturday to Sunday.

Recommended sightseeing time: 17:00-21:00 (day view + night view).

After you are in the Shanghai Tower, it will give you a new look. Taking the fastest elevator in China and the world, you will reach the 118-story sightseeing hall, which is known as the “Shanghai’s top”. The panoramic transparent glass allows you to see the beauty of the area.

Zhujiajiao Water Town

Zhujiajiao is commonly known as “Jiaoli”, it is the oldest town in the south of the Yangtze River in Shanghai. It is one of the four historical and cultural towns in Shanghai. The small bridge in the town is full of water, showing the epitome of Jiangnan water town. The most famous release bridge is the largest five-hole arch bridge in Shanghai. There are many specialty snack bars in North Street. The famous Apo Zongzi, the ancient town dumplings, the sauce trotters, and all kinds of exquisite cakes can be eaten here.

Official telephone number of Zhujiajiao Water Town: 021-59240077

Time visiting for reference: 1 day

Ticket: free of charge

Opening hours: 08:30-16:30 all day (internal attractions)

How to go to the Zhujiajiao Water Town:

Take bus from People’s Square by Huzhu Expressway, Zhuxu Line, Shangzhu Line, Qinglan Line, Qingfeng Line, Qingshang Line, Qingshi Line, Qingshang Line, Qingxiao Line, Qingzheng Line, Qingjin Line, Songzhu Dedicated lines, Huzhu special line, Shanghai business line, Zhujiajiao NO.1, Zhujiajiao NO.2, Zhujiajiao NO.3 and other buses to get off at Zhujiajiao Bus Station, and turn right along Xiangxing Road to Xinfeng Road.

Now the metro line 17 is open, so it is very convenient to take public transportation. There is still a distance from the subway. It is better to transfer to a bus if you have transportation card.


The folk customs tour includes the Humanities Art Museum, the Daqing Post Office, the Class Plantation, the Tongtian and the drug number, and does not include the boat ticket.

Xinshui Town ancient tour includes Shanghai Quanhua Watercolor Art Museum, Yuanjin Temple, Shanghai Handicraft Exhibition Hall, Chenghuang Temple, Daqing Post Office, Tongtian and Medicine No., Humanities Art Museum, Class Plantation, without the boat ticket.

If you have never been to the ancient water town before, the Zhujiajiao Water Town is your ideal choice to learn more about the custom while enjoying the ancient town charm there.