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Tiger Hill

Although Tiger Hill is only a small hill, it has natural landscapes such as cliffs and gullies. It has also formed many cultural attractions because of the construction of the past. The buildings and plants in the garden set off against each other and have exquisite Jiangnan garden style. Here you can learn about the story of the Spring and Autumn Period, the landmark of the Yunyan Temple Tower.

The entire Tiger Hill scenic area is similar to a square, the area is not large, the horizontal and vertical are about 500 meters, the mountain height is only about 30 meters, you can walk into the scenic spot. The scenic spot is divided into three parts, Qianshan, Qianren Stone and the top of the mountain. Each part has a lot of scenery and cultural attractions worth watching. In addition to the Yunyan Temple Tower, you need to focus on the Sword Pool and Qianren Stone.

From the South Gate (the main entrance of Tiger Hill Road) into the Huqiu scenic spot, what you can view the first is the Qianshan. The stone arch bridge in front of you will be the first attraction of Qianshan, named Haiyong Bridge. Standing on the Haiyong Bridge, you will find that the shape of the mountain is very similar to that of the tiger. It is also said that it is the real reason that Tiger Hill gets the name. You can also see that the mountain is hidden in the temple and the temple is wrapped in a hill. Going forward, you can see the sword stone. Now, when you try to see the sword stone, you can see a crack passing through the big stone, which is like a knife and a sword. In the Qianshan, there are also attractions such as Broken Beam Temple, Pillow Stone etc. Each has a fantasy ancient legend, and you can understand their stories in the tour guide’s explanation.

Tongli Ancient Town

When you come to Tongli, you cannot miss the snacks there. The Mingqing Street and Zhuxing Street, which are on both sides of the main entrance, are the places where the snacks in the ancient town that are densely covered. Tongli’s various kinds of cakes are very special. The glutinous cake and the malt cake are very famous. The small osmanthus fragrans cake and the hooves of the Jiangnan characteristics are also worthy tasting. You can go shopping along the two small streets and enjoy the delicious snacks there.

In addition to snacks, there are also many places that are worthy visiting in the scenic spot, which are mostly concentrated in the south side of the ancient town. Nanyuan Tea House is one of the representatives. Sitting on the second floor and drinking a cup of tea, there are also good performances from time to time. You can’t miss it.

In the Tuisi park, every night except Mondays, there is a performance, showing the history and folk customs of the Tongli water town. The fare is 200-500 yuan, you can choose to watch it or not according to your needs.

Special Notes:

  1. Tickets can only be visited once per attraction and cannot be visited repeatedly.
  2. You can take a night tour in Tuisi Garden from 18:45-20:30, and you can purchase a night tour ticket for 50 yuan at night.

When traveling at the Tongli ancient town, you will feel very comfortable, and you will like the comfortable lifestyle of the people inside, but the tourists have brought some noisy into the town. Tongli is free of charge after 17:00 pm and you can be access at will. Compared with Zhouzhuang Ancient Town and Xitang Ancient Town, Tongli is bigger. In terms of scenery, if it is better than Zhouzhuang Ancient Town and Xitang Ancient Town. Xitang’s night is noisier, but Tongli Ancient Town at night will be quieter.

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang is the earliest ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River that is famous all over the world. It is known as the “first water town in China”. The waterways in the town are vertical and horizontal. The old buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are built by the river. The double bridges painted by the artist Chen Yifei portray the gentleness of the small bridges and the South Lake in the south of the ancient town is wide and beautiful. At night, Zhou Zhuang lit up the lights, and you will have exciting mood there.

Zhouzhuang Water Town is suitable for 1-2 day trip. The tickets are valid for three days from the date of purchase. The portrait registration at the ticket office allows you to enter and leave the town freely within three days.

Highlights for you to play in the Zhouzhuang Water Town:

The ancient house in the brick carved gate building

The main buildings of Zhouzhuang are mainly Jiangnan residential houses, among which there are nearly one hundred ancient houses, most of which are buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Ming Dynasty. The ancient town is surrounded by water, which makes the ancient town become a water town. The waterways of each road form a “well” shape and are embedded in the ancient town, which makes Zhouzhuang form a characteristic pattern of becoming the water street and water town. On the water lane of Zhouzhuang, there are 14 ancient stone bridges built in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The ancient bridges, water alleys and ancient houses are the “small bridges and flowing waters and residences” in the true sense.

The houses of ancient architecture are well preserved. The main thing is that the old houses are very cool, not hot at all. The trees on both sides are also very shaded. So, you don’t feel hot when you have a visit there on June and July. You can sit by the river and drink and chat with friends, and see the people coming and going. The cool breeze will make you very comfortable and enjoyable.

Humble Administrator Garden

There will be relatively few people when you are visiting Humble Administrator’s Garden on non-weekend days, and the Humble Administrator’s Garden is the first of the four major gardens in Suzhou that must have a visit. The parking lot next to the Humble Administrator’s Garden costs 6 Yuan per hour, and non-weekend parking is very convenient. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is still very big, you can go in from the South Gate. After entering the park, it is the eastern scenic spot. The first scenery you can see is Lanxuetang. There is a panoramic view of the lacquered and sacred garden in the south gate of the hall. The whole garden is dominated by water, and the running water runs through two parts of the east and west, and the terrain is getting higher and higher along the running water. It would be a pleasant thing if you could walk around the garden for a whole day.

During the halfway you will pass through the Tianquan Pavilion, it stands on a verdant lawn, and many tourists take a short break inside. There is a straw shed next to Tianquan Pavilion. There are some places in the grass shed where you can sit and rest. There is a small flower bud in front of the grass shed, which is suitable for concave shape photography. The Shuxiang Pavilion is the main building of the Eastern District. If you photograph in the background of the corridor of the Xiangxiang Pavilion, you can shoot a lot of beautiful photos. Xiaolanglang is the first place suitable to take pictures. Standing on a small bridge connecting the pavilion, it naturally becomes a picture. It’s also very good to take pictures in the pavilion, and you can take a short break.

In the garden, it will be a new scenery for every 5 steps, which can be beautiful Jiangnan landscape painting. The western scenic spot is relatively small compared to the central scenic spot. There are many beautiful bonsais on the exit, and you can carefully appreciate the charm there.

Lingering Garden

Lingering Garden is famous as the Humble Administrator’s Garden, and it is not so bustling. In the vast sea of people, it is a comfort to escape the crowd. The scenery here is well appreciated, and the elegance of the classical garden is charming and you may meet antique photography there.

A lot of visitors really feel that the garden doorway in Suzhou is not too fancy, which looks like a normal gate, you would ignore it if you pass by. Many attractions of other places have big arches, but the gardens in Suzhou feel very simple. The Lingering Garden is one of the four major gardens in Suzhou. It is even one of the four major gardens in China. If the Summer Palace is compared to the Princess of the Royal Family, then the Lingering Garden is the daughter of a humble family, looking shy and kind. You may just feel a little disappointed when you see the door for the first time as it is so simple. But when you go inside, you will find out that there are a lot of amazing scenery.

Stepping into the scenery, Lingering Garden is truly reflected here. Every garden in Suzhou is the killer of camera memory. All the details of doors and windows, floor tiles, show incomparable ingenuity. Most of its windows have a lot of geometric shapes, because it was also a large house before, so many windows have wooden openwork. You will think the big point of Suzhou garden is the design of doors and windows. It feels that it takes a lot of design to conceive.

The experience of Lingering Garden is even better than that of The Humble Administrator’s Garden. The garden is small but exquisite. It takes 2 hours to turn around until the door was closed. If there are two more hours, you would listen to the explanations of all the attractions. The toilet in the Lingering Garden is greatly praised, which is clean and well equipped. The main thing is that there are not many people in Lingering Garden, and there is no crowded queue as in the Humble Administrator’s Garden. In short, Lingering Garden is worthy your visit.