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Juyongguan Great Wall

Juyongguan is a famous gate along the Great Wall. It is known as one of the three major gates of the Great Wall. It is built along the mountain and is very steep. On the tower of Juyongguan, there is a plaque of “天下第一雄关”, where people like to take photo. Moreover, the mountains are beautiful and the trees are layered on top of each other. The “Juyong Pinnacle” is also the famous scenery around the capital.

When visiting Juyongguan, most people focus on climbing the Great Wall and enjoying the scenery on the top of the mountain. You need to walk in the scenic area. It takes about three hours to climb to the highest point of the beacon tower. It requires a certain amount of physical strength. You must be psychologically prepared before playing the Juyonguan Great Wall.

To get to the scenic spot, you must first come to the Juyongguan Scenic Square at the foot of the mountain. There is a stone gate named Yuntai, which is a treasure of Tibetan Buddhist architecture with a white stone structure. Bodhisattva statues are carved on both walls of the internal passage of the Yuntai, which is beautiful and unique.

After purchasing tickets at the gate of Guancheng, you can enter the scenic spot. There are many cultural attractions in the scenic spot, which enshrine ancient celebrities and record the history of Juyongguan. There is also a small lake next to it, you can visit one by one. At the same time, you can admire the tall and majestic towers underneath the south and north gates of the scenic spot.

After visiting the tower, you can start the journey of climbing the Great Wall. It usually takes two to three hours to climb to the top beacon, which is a physical challenge. But after climbing to the top of the mountain, you can see the continuous green mountains in the distance, and the wide view is so refreshing. After climbing the Great Wall, you can choose to go back the same way, or you can go down the mountain from the other direction of the Great Wall and return to the scenic square.

Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower

Located on the south bank of the picturesque Songhua River, the terminal square of Central Street, Daoli District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower was built in 1958 to commemorate the people of Harbin overcoming the great flood in 1957. It is a symbol of this heroic city. It was co-designed by former Soviet designer Bagis Zierev and Harbin Institute of Technology second-generation architect Lee Kuan Yew. The Harbin People’s Flood Control Victory Memorial Tower won the highest honor in the Chinese construction industry.

As mentioned above, the Flood Control Memorial Tower is located on the square at the northern end of Central Street. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Harbin. This memorial tower is magnificent, its architectural design is full of strong Russian style, and its location is relatively wide, so it has become a tourist attraction for taking pictures.

The full name of the flood control memorial tower is Harbin People’s Flood Control Victory Memorial Tower. The memorial tower consists of a three-dimensional tower body and an attached corridor. The tower is 22.5 meters high. The tower base is made of blocks, which means that the embankment is firm and indestructible. The fountain in front of the tower base, symbolizing the brave and wisdom of the people of Harbin City, are taming the stormy river water into a long stream, benefiting benefits and eliminating troubles, and benefiting the people. The lower level of the tower represents the altitude of 119.72 meters, marking the highest water level when the flood in Harbin was submerged in 1932; the upper level represents the altitude of 120.30 meters, marking the highest water level when the people of the city defeated the flood in 1957. The memorial tower is a cylinder, and the tower body depicts the vivid plot of the victory over the flood in relief. On the top of the tower is a round sculpture of workers, peasants, soldiers and intellectuals, showing the heroic image of defeating the flood. Behind the tower is an ancient Roman-style cloister, which is surrounded by 20 columns, blending with the memorial tower into a scene, to be harmonious and spectacular. This is a tourist attraction worth sightseeing in Harbin.

Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park

Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park, located to the east of Jinghong and north of Lancang River, 8 kilometers away from the seat of the state capital, is the virgin forest closest to Jinghong City in Quanzhou. The park is built on the basis of 25,000 acres of tropical valley rainforest. The forest coverage rate in the park exceeds 98%. It is a natural oxygen bar. There are gully rain forests, flying peacock, folk songs and dances, delicious food, water splashing carnival and other projects in the park. It is one of the largest comprehensive ecological tourist attractions in Xishuangbanna. The concept of fashionable life with nature, ecology, environmental protection, leisure, health, etc. as the main elements is embodied through the ethnic folk culture season in winter, the peacock culture season in spring, the rainforest culture season in summer and the ethnic costume season in autumn.

The transportation tool in Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park is a sightseeing bus. The main attraction is Peacock Villa. When the trainer blew a whistle, hundreds of peacocks cross the sparkling lake. The scene is very shocking. The other two stops are Ai Ni Shanzhai and the National Customs Performing Arts Center, where you can watch folk song and dance performances or participate in the small water splashing festival, which is very ethnic.

In Xishuangbanna, it is not uncommon to be close to animals. It is easy to appreciate the peacocks on the screen and greet the guests and see monkeys playing with people. When you come here, you will be able to fully feel the harmony between man and nature, and between man and animal. In general, Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park is famous for its magical tropical rainforest natural landscape and ethnic customs. You can enjoy the air of the natural oxygen bar, see the beauty of the tropical rainforest, and experience minority folk-custom. It is very worth a visit.

Super Brand Mall

Super Brand Mall is located in the Lujiazui Financial Center by the Huangpu River, adjacent to popular attractions such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, and the World Financial Center. The high-rise buildings of Lujiazui Financial Center can be clearly seen on the skybridge outside the square. It is a good place for photography.

Super Brand Mall is large in scale. It used to be the largest shopping mall in China with a total area of 240,000 square meters. The business model inside is particularly rich, including a variety of commodities, cinemas, cafes, game consoles, gourmet dishes from all over the world and children’s amusement facilities and products, and there are more than 1,000 international and domestic brands in the entire mall. It is a good place for leisure shopping. It can be said to be a one-stop lifestyle shopping and amusement square.

The location of Super Brand Mall is very superior and the transportation is convenient. At Lujiazui Station of Metro Line 2, walk out of the metro station and walk up to the raised bridge, which is connecting all directions, with signs on every side. You can reach Super Brand Mall directly. Super Brand Mall is near the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and other attractions. From the bridge to the Super Brand Mall for shopping, the shopping environment of the entire mall is very good, clean, bright and distinct. You can buy some imported food in the supermarket on the basement level. There are a lot of imported foods here, and they are cheap. There are popular shops such as HM, Gap and CA on the first floor, and there are usually discounts. There are several restaurants on the 8th floor that you can also try.

The most lively and popular shopping mall in Lujiazui is the Super Brand Mall. The functions of Super Brand Mall are the same as other malls. You can shop, eat, and entertain here. Super Brand Mall’s popularity may be because there are more friendly brands, supermarkets and restaurants.

Jean Georges Restaurant

World-famous chef Jean Georges copied the restaurant of the same name he opened in Manhattan, New York to the Bund in Shanghai, and this is the Jean Georges Restaurant. French cuisine is not only tasteful, but also looks like a work of art. The decoration of Jean Georges restaurant is mainly in light and bright colors, with white as the base tone, with light orange flowers and yellow warm lights, showing a sophisticated modern restaurant, creating a unique romance and elegance. You can enjoy the beauty of the Pujiang River by the window here.

There are countless luxury restaurants in Shanghai Bund. The French restaurant Jean Georges on the 4th floor of No. 3 Zhongshan East 1st Road (ie, No. 3 on the Bund) in Huangpu District, Shanghai is definitely one of the top restaurants. The name of the restaurant is named after the French chef Jean Georges Vongerichten, and it is awarded a three-Michelin-star restaurant. He himself is the restaurant’s biggest signature. The business here is a fusion of Asian-style French cuisine, providing the most high-quality French cuisine experience in Shanghai for the guests who come here.

Since its opening in 2004, Jean Georges French Restaurant has become a model of contemporary high-end dining in Shanghai with its innovative dishes, rich collection of wines and attentive service, and has welcomed countless gluttonous diners. The restaurant was fully renovated at the end of 2015 and reopened in April 2016. The renewed Jean-Georges includes a main dining area, 3 private rooms, a bar, and two open kitchens. The French restaurant Jean Georges is known to enjoy the pinnacle of modern French cuisine in an elegant environment. Remember that if there are infants and young children going to the restaurant, it is best to have lunch at noon. The restaurant does not accept diners with infants and young children into the restaurant for dinner.

Jean Georges specialties: egg caviar, green asparagus with morels, asparagus sauce, grilled Icelandic flounder, chocolate lava cake, black truffle salmon, lobster truffle Benedict, grilled beef tenderloin

Xuanwu Lake Park

Xuanwu Lake Park is located at the foot of Zhongshan Mountain. It is a large-scale imperial garden lake in China. Together with Jiaxing South Lake and Hangzhou West Lake, it is called the “Three Famous Lakes in regions south of the Yangtze River”.

From Nanjing Railway Station, there is road around the lake to the south. You can stroll around the lake and enjoy the scenery of Xuanwu Lake Park. If you come here in summer, you can see large lotus flowers blooming and the water surface is green, which is especially charming. On the south bank of the lake, there is a section of the Ming City Wall (that is, the city wall where the Ming City Wall History Museum is located), and the view of the lake here also has a special flavor.

You can take a pedal boat or electric boat to tour the lake, and it is very pleasant to see the five oases and the surrounding city scenery on the lake. Of course, to appreciate the beauty of Xuanwu Lake Park, you need to walk up to five oasis and take a slow tour. There are bridges and embankments between the five oases, so you can walk freely. When you visit Yingzhou in spring, you can see cherry blossoms full of branches, and there is also a lotus garden here, which is a good place to see lotus flowers and take photos.

In the flower stand in Lingzhou, you can overlook the scenery of Zhongshan and small Jiuhua Mountain. In Liangzhou, there are bonsai garden, rhododendron garden, and Lansheng Building. In Cuizhou, there are pine cypresses, bamboo and willows and other plants everywhere, and the greenery is very suitable for relaxation. In addition, there is a couple’s garden to the east of Xuanwu Lake Park.

Global Harbour

Shanghai Global Harbour is the only European-style Shopping Mall in China and the largest shopping mall in the center of the world. The shopping mall incorporates modern design elements into the European architectural style, and the atrium shape shapes the original magnificent building in a detailed and layered manner. Shopping here, you can feel the foreign shopping culture and fashion.

The most distinctive feature is that the European-style interior has been carefully crafted from part to the whole, integrating nostalgic romantic feelings with modern people’s needs for life; the unique “European-style dome” is combined with “corridor design”, which is magnificent. It is wide and fully compatible with luxurious, elegant and fashionable modern lighting, presenting a neoclassical modern style. As long as you have time, you can spend a whole day in it. The food here has its own characteristics, the products are dazzling, and entertainment and consumption are both good.

In addition to many world-renowned brands that are favored by the public, Global Harbour features designer brands on the second floor, which are combined with the main store, to show the latest trends. The fifth floor is currently the largest roof garden plaza in Shanghai, and there is also a stylish car cinema with a unique style.

Global Harbour is the largest, most European, and most luxurious flagship store in the top shopping mall in Shanghai and even in the country. Shopping inside is a kind of enjoyment, and you can find a place where it is suitable for afternoon tea. The shopping center integrates shopping, dining, entertainment, cinema viewing, and museum visits. You will not feel tired even if you go shopping, eat, drink, watch movies, and take photos in the shopping center. There are shopping on every floor, and restaurants are distributed on many floors. It is highly recommended to visit and experience.

To go there, you can take Metro Line 3, 4, 13 to Jinshajiang Road Station, and then you can reach it on foot. It can be reached by bus 44, 67, 69, 224, 829, 909, etc.

Tianchi Lake

Tianchi Lake in Tianshan, also known as Tianchi National Geological Park, is anciently known as “Yaochi Lake”. It is located in Fukang City, Changji Prefecture, on the north side of Bogda Peak, about 110 kilometers from Urumqi City. It is a famous tourist resort in Xinjiang.

Tianchi Lake is 1910 meters above sea level and 105 meters deep. The lake reflects Bogda Peak, surrounded by spruce, and the scenery is like a fairyland. The scenic spots include natural landscapes such as alpine lakes, wetland meadows, and forest canyons. In 2013, the scenic spot was also rated as a National Geopark by the state.

There are three water surfaces in the Tianchi Lake Scenic Area. In addition to the main lake, there are two water surfaces on the east and west sides. On the east side, it is “East Small Tianchi Lake”, also known as Heilongtan. It is located 500 meters east of Tianchi. Underneath the lake is the cliff, and the waterfall flows down like a long rainbow.

On the west side, it is the “West Small Tianchi Lake”, also known as the Jade Girl Lake. It is located about two kilometers northwest of Tianchi. The pool is shaped like a full moon, and is surrounded by towers. There are pavilions on the pool. Watching the waterfall in the pavilion is funny. There is a boardwalk connection between all scenic spots there, which can be reached on foot.

On the east bank of Tianchi, there is the Western Queen Mother Temple, which was built in the Yuan Dynasty. At present, you can see the building that was reconstructed on the original temple site in 1999, which houses the Queen Mother, so it is also called the “Mother Temple”. Because of the long distance and the average scenery, it is not recommended to go there.

Every year from mid-November to the end of March of the following year, the “Tianshan Tianchi Ice and Snow Festival” will be held. At that time, visitors can go to the Tianshan Ski Resort near the scenic area for skiing and other ice and snow projects. The Kazakh tents in the scenic area can be accommodated, but most tourists return to the city on the day after the end of the game. Most of the tourists outside Xinjiang go to Tianchi for sightseeing from Urumqi, and they can return to Urumqi for the same day.

Fuhehui Restaurant

Fuhehui, is quietly located in Yuyuan Road Old Street where old houses are gathered. This simple and stylish vegetarian restaurant features strong Chinese Zen, elegant environment, and unpretentious, lets people naturally produce vegetarian wishes slowly.

Although the restaurant is located at the junction of the prosperous Changjing An District, after passing through the bamboo forest, through the heavy screens, entering Fuhehui, you will feel the tranquil atmosphere of retreat, and the hustle and bustle of the outside world does not affect this Zen space. If you are tired of the fast pace of your work life, come here, sit down quietly, smell the fragrant tea, calm your mood and enjoy the pleasure of being content. Fuhehui pursues the ultimate in art and quality, and pays attention to seasonal health and freshness. Here you can taste the top vegetarian ingredients from all corners of the world. For the ginkgo biloba, yam, wild vegetables, truffles, soba noodles, pleurotus eryngii, bamboo fungus, matsutake, the chef changes a variety of cooking methods, from the plate to the taste, constantly surprises the diners. This is not a vegetarian restaurant with pure hearts and desires, but vegetarianism is used as a cooking proposition to create a new realm of elegance.

The restaurant has three floors of space. In addition to an open dining area, it is mainly a private room that can accommodate 4-12 people. The carved wooden screen shelves outline the sense of tranquility in ancient Chinese academy. In the middle of the open space on the first floor, the marble long table is the finishing touch of the restaurant. The middle of the long table is built with gurgling water and a little candlelight. Guests who dine on the long table can enjoy the effect of the sea of clouds created by dry ice, and if you want to experience this mysterious dining scenes, you must book seats in advance.

The restaurant’s specialties: Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs (Vegetarian), Avocado Crispy Roll, Bamboo Fungus Matsutake Soup, Walnut Crisp, Bailing Mushroom, Matsutake Rice, Mushroom, etc.

Reservation hotline: 021-57575777, 021-39809188

Business hours: 11:00-14:00 for lunch, 17:00-22:00 for dinner

Dali Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring, located under the Yunlong Peak of Cangshan Mountain in Dali, covers an area of more than 50 square meters and is a square spring pool. Butterfly Spring scenic spot’s spring water is crystal clear. Every year at the butterfly meeting, tens of thousands of butterflies come from all directions and fly around the spring. Butterflies are as big as slaps and as small as coins. Countless butterflies also hook their feet and chain their heads and tails, hanging from the Acacia tree to the water, which is very colorful and marvelous.

Butterfly Spring is one of the famous tourist destinations in Dali. It has beautiful scenery, clear spring water and unique wonders in the world. With the spread of the film “Five Golden Flowers” that is reflecting the life of the Bai people, the bizarre landscape of Butterfly Spring is even more famous. Yunnan Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Rating Committee officially approved Dali Butterfly Spring Scenic Spot as a National 4A-level tourist scenic spot on 9th June, 2018.

Butterfly Spring’s water is soaked in the sand layer of rock cracks, the water quality is particularly clear, and it will gather into a pool as soon as it comes out of the surface without any pollution. In recent years, the spring water flowing out of Butterfly Spring has been treasured by park managers in three ponds that are larger than one pond, for people to watch. Butterfly Spring has changed from the past one pool to the current four pools, which is the most conspicuous landscape in Butterfly Spring Park.

The area of Butterfly Spring is quite large, with many tropical plants, fresh air and mild climate, which is very suitable for visiting! The scenic environment is very good, the birds are singing, and you are at ease here! The fish swim freely in the spring water and play happily. A few big white geese walk leisurely by the water, presenting a harmonious scene of nature!