Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1998 and is one of Beijing’s landmarks. It is recommended to buy a joint ticket, otherwise the most spectacular Hall of Prayer will not be seen.

If your time is tight during your tour in Beijing, then this attraction can actually be skipped, but if you have plenty of time, you will not be disappointed having a visit there. But don’t forget buying a joint ticket, otherwise, you can only see the wonderful part from a distance, especially the Hall of Prayer, if your tour in the Temple of Heaven does not include the Hall of Prayer, why you buy a ticket to the Temple of Heaven, you can just buy a ticket to walk around the park.

The Hall of Prayer is still very beautiful, and it looks good no matter from a close look or from a distance. Several other attractions are also worth seeing, but let’s be honest, for this place where ancient sacrifices were put, the visual effect will be better in the past ages, and it was solemn, but after all kinds of huge buildings we have seen today, the feeling of shock is a lot worse.

Many people like the cypress forest outside of the Temple of Heaven. And if you make your travel there in the fall, and there will be already a lot of fallen leaf outside, and the Temple of Heaven is still lush. And the woods are really big, you can’t see the end, when walking in it, there are only the sound of birds and the sound of the wind blowing the leaves, you will feel that the mind has to be evolved. This feeling can’t be described. Do you say that cypress has anything to look at? But the reason that most of the attractions are shocking, is nothing more than two words, big and many, this is not what you felt on the TV. You will be very happy to come to the Temple of Heaven on the last day of your Beijing Tour and pain a perfect ending for your trip to Beijing.