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Shanghai Zoo

Although Shanghai Zoo is far from the city, it is very convenient to take Metro Line 10 to arrive there. There are a wide variety of animals in the zoo, and a variety of birds are very beautiful, but the number of large animals such as lion tigers is less, in short, it is a very interesting place. Shanghai Zoo is also a very suitable place for family travel. Tickets are cheap, so there are more people to play in the zoo, and you need to line up. It is recommended to go there early, and choose to bring your own lunch, as the consumption cost is higher inside the Shanghai Zoo.

Shanghai Zoo is really a must-go attraction during your trip to Shanghai, especially when you travel with children, as it is really a good place for children to play. It is really big, Shanghai Zoo is a collective memory of a generation of Shanghai people. Compared to Shanghai Wild Animal Park, the Shanghai Zoo is much smaller, and more mini, but it is more convenient, and the subway station is very close to the zoo. There are many kinds of animals and many pavilions in the zoo; there are also entertainment facilities in the zoo, such as ferris wheel, etc. There are many lawns and seats to rest and you can go for a picnic there; in addition, some animals such as swan and parrot can be touched, which is a small surprise.

There will not be many people generally, but the amphibious crawling pavilion is still crowded. If you queue up for buying the tickets, it will be very quickly. In general, it is very suitable for a family to take kids to play on weekends. It is very affordable and it is worthwhile to go out with children to learn about animals, increase children’s awareness and love of animals, and exercise their courage.

In short, the Shanghai Zoo is indeed worthwhile. There are many animals. The environment is good, the flowers are fragrant, the trees are lush, and walking under the boulevard is very comfortable. And the venue is also very well planned, so that the tour in the Shanghai Zoo will be very interesting.

Shanghai 5-days Classic Tour

When you have enough time to have a travel in Shanghai, just spend 5 days to explore the charm and the culture of this metropolis.

According to the popularity and location of the attractions, you can visit 11 scenic spots in five days and experience the magical metropolis which is known as “Paris of the East”.

Day 1

After you arrive in Shanghai in the morning, just check in at the hotel first. After a short break, you can head to the Chenghuang Temple, which brings together Shanghai’s various specialty snacks, to taste the food, then head to the Yu Garden to have a visit. In the afternoon, go to the most famous commercial district in Shanghai, visit the department store and the old shop, and go to the Bund in the evening to enjoy the The Universal Expo of architectures and the Waibaidu Bridge.

Day 2

Today’s itinerary will include firstly visiting at the Ex-China Pavilion – China Art Palace of the World Expo. Now the Shanghai Art Museum has moved in and there are plenty of collections to enjoy. Then go to the most tasteful Nongtang Tianzifang on the Shanghai Bund and shop at Shanghai landmark Xintiandi in the evening.

Day 3

It is best to arrive at Shanghai Disney early today. Usually there are fewer people in the morning and you can play more. It is recommended to play the entire park counterclockwise. First take a photo in the Twelve Friends Garden of the Garden of Wise, then go straight to the Adventure Island to experience the exciting crazy project, then arrive at the Treasure Bay to enjoy the new and wonderful performance, and lunch is here. After lunch, you will play in the fantasy world with your little friends in the childhood animation, and then go to the World of Tomorrow to experience the new experience brought by the future technology. Finally, return to the beautiful castle in the center of the park to enjoy the night performance.

Day 4

In the morning, go to Madame Tussauds to visit the wax figure and take a photo with them. Then go to Lujiazui, the world-famous financial center. The famous Jinmao Tower and the Oriental Pearl Tower are also located here, and you can enjoy the night view here in the evening.

Day 5

You can take a stroll around the hotel this morning, or take a break or pack your luggage at the hotel. Check out at noon, go to the airport and end the trip.

Shanghai Disneyland Travel Guide

Don’t think that you don’t need a strategy to go to the amusement park. Then it is a big mistake when you come to Shanghai Disneyland. After you experience it, you will sure feel it necessary to take a travel strategy before going there.

Here let’s check the Shanghai Disneyland travel strategy in details as follows so as to have fantastic tour there.

Projects that must play: Leap Horizon, the ultimate speed wheel, Pirates of the Caribbean adventure;

Performance that recommend to view: float parade, ice romance, the call of the jungle of the mountains;

Interactive photo taking projects: Avengers series, Iron Man interactive photo taking;

Fireworks display in front of the castle at 8 o’clock in the evening also cannot be missed.

Play first, then take pictures after you feel tired, playing items and watching performances should be interspersed, so that you won’t feel tired easily. The app is very easy to use, there are maps, project waiting time, performance place and time, etc., and don’t forget to make good use of!

It is recommended to take with water when you enter the, small snacks can replenish energy, and you may be checked when entering the Shanghai Disneyland, it all depends on your luck as if you are lucky enough you may avoid being checked. And don’t forget to take with sunscreen and lipstick if you take a visit to Shanghai Disneyland in summer time.

And don’t forget to download the Disneyland App in advance on your mobile phone, purchase the ticket online in advance, the ID card must be bundled, and take with you to take the ticket, and the ticket is bound to the mobile phone app to receive the fast pass card. This can save the queue time. One person gets 3 FP free of charge, the sooner you use it, the better, because the hot items are not so many there available. And you can get 1 FP in 2 hours, and you will be able to pick up the next stop after you finish using it.

For the inside of the castle, you can also take a visit there if there is plenty of time for you, but after a whole day visiting in Shanghai Disneyland, there is no physical strength, and time is not enough. You can’t enter it about an hour before the fireworks show.