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Mount Emei

There are four seasons in Mount Emei! Just go ahead as it is worth a play! The price may be a little expensive for some visitors, but you can enjoy the hot springs in the evening and you will feel pretty good! The scenery is so beautiful! And it is amazing that it is sunny at the foot of the mountain, but it is rainy during you climbing the mountain, and it is heavily snowy in the middle of the mountain, and the top of the mountain is shining. Standing above the clouds, you can look directly at the sun, which is not so yellowish, and it is much whiter and brighter without clouds!

Official phone number of the Mount Emei: 0833-5523646

Time reference for visiting: more than 1 day

How to go to the Mount Emei:

Bus: you can take the No.5 bus at Emeishan City to the Mount Emei Scenic Area.

Tourist car in the scenic spot: In addition to the departure station of the Baoguo Temple Tourist Passenger Transport Center, there are 4 stations along the way (from low to high altitude), followed by Wuxiangang Station, Wanniansi Station, Zero Kilometer Station, and Leidongping Station.

Uphill sightseeing bus tickets round-trip is 90 Yuan, half-way round-trip is 40 Yuan. Wannian Temple, Wuxiangang, etc. also have round-trip transportation vehicles, for the specific fare you can inquire about the scenic spot staff.


Ordinary ticket: 160 RMB; Jinding cableway: Up 65 RMB/down 55 RMB; Wannian ropeway: Up 65 RMB/down 45 RMB (from Monday-Sunday during January 16-December 14)

Ordinary ticket: 110 RMB; Jinding/Wannian ropeway: Up 30 RMB/down 20 RMB (from Monday-Sunday during December 15 – January 15 of the following year)


Wannian Temple Ticket: 10 yuan / person, Baoguo Temple Ticket: 8 yuan / person, Fuhu Temple Temple: 6 yuan / person, skiing ticket: 80 yuan / person / hour.

Opening hours:

06:00-18:30 (from Monday-Sunday during May 1st – October 7th)

07:00-17:30 (from Monday-Sunday during October 8th – April 30th of the following year)

Leshan Giant Buddha

Located in Leshan City, Leshan Giant Buddha is a statue of Maitreya Buddha. It is also the largest stone statue of Maitreya Buddha in the world. The Lingyun Mountain where the Leshan Giant Buddha is located and the Wuyou Mountain and the Guicheng Mountain behind it constitute a giant sleeping Buddha, which is another new attraction of the Leshan Giant Buddha. In addition to its tall image, Leshan Giant Buddha’s sophisticated drainage system is more scientific and excellent. After more than a thousand years of wind and rain effect, the Giant Buddha stands still and retains its original appearance and scale.

The Leshan Giant Buddha is still worth seeing. The land tour and the cruise ship tour are different. If you have enough time, you can experience both of them. Of course, the queuing of the land is inevitable. It takes more than 20 minutes to line up even though you arrive there at 8 o’clock in the morning. The tour guide said that there are 24 floors high, and it is a bit exaggerated. Tickets for sale at the entrance include the Leshan Giant Buddha and the Wuyou Temple. In fact, the Wuyou Temple is worth a visit. The colorful sun flowers are beautiful.

If everyone’s itinerary is relatively tight, and plan to go to see the Leshan Giant Buddha in the morning and climb the Ermei Mountain in the afternoon, then it is suggested that you take a boat tour, as you won’t feel tired and you can experience the best place to watch the whole picture of the Buddha. You can’t see the whole Buddha if you climb in the mountain, and you will be very tired and it takes a lot of time. The most important thing is that now you are not allow to touch the feet of the Buddha.

Some people think that although you can take a boat to see the whole picture of the Buddha, you can only understand the history and marvel at the builders if you really approach the Buddha and go around one step by step from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top of the Buddha. It took 90 years to build the work of the three generations of craftsmen, and you will feel shocked when you get close to the Leshan Giant Buddha.

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot

It turns out that Jiuzhaigou is so beautiful, although there is no blue sky, the feeling of smog is as if it is in a fairyland. Only people who are immersed can feel it. And your photography technique only depicts the beauty of one tenth of Jiuzhaigou! The smog is lingering in the mountains, and it is almost like the fairy mountain described in the costume mythology drama!

Everyone said that the autumn of Jiuzhaigou is very beautiful. In fact, if you want to see the water, you have to come in the summer. Jiuzhaigou in Autumn is gorgeous, maple leaves are red! The waterfall in Jiuzhaigou is fascinating!

Generally, Jiuzhaigou can’t be visited all spots for a day. Because it’s too big, if you want to view all the scenery there, you have to spend two days there. If you just walk around, then one day is enough. In the ditch, it is stipulated that in order to protect the environment of Jiuzhaigou, it is impossible to live in the ditch, but there are still many people living in it.

Jiuzhaigou is distributed in “Y”, the upper left of “Y” is the long sea, the upper right is the original forest, and the lower side is the scenic gate to the Shuzhenggou waterfall. First of all, the passengers are pulled from the doorway to the Spark Sea, and then walk to the rhinoceros sea. The people are rushing to the rhinoceros sea to get rid of the crowd. There is no stop on the road. It is not easy to get on the sightseeing car by the rhinoceros sea. At this time, you have not choice, because you don’t know whether the car is to the Long Sea or the original forest, as it is always deployed by the staff in the ditch, in order to disperse the tourists inside the ditch.

However, the tour group first visit the line of Shuzhengzhai Waterfall in the morning, then rush to the original forest, and return to Nuorilang to eat Chinese food at noon, and visit the long sea in the afternoon, so as to avoid the crowd.

Anyway, no matter how will you go to visit the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot, it is a fairyland that will surely make your tour there enjoyable and unforgettable.