Mount Emei

There are four seasons in Mount Emei! Just go ahead as it is worth a play! The price may be a little expensive for some visitors, but you can enjoy the hot springs in the evening and you will feel pretty good! The scenery is so beautiful! And it is amazing that it is sunny at the foot of the mountain, but it is rainy during you climbing the mountain, and it is heavily snowy in the middle of the mountain, and the top of the mountain is shining. Standing above the clouds, you can look directly at the sun, which is not so yellowish, and it is much whiter and brighter without clouds!

Official phone number of the Mount Emei: 0833-5523646

Time reference for visiting: more than 1 day

How to go to the Mount Emei:

Bus: you can take the No.5 bus at Emeishan City to the Mount Emei Scenic Area.

Tourist car in the scenic spot: In addition to the departure station of the Baoguo Temple Tourist Passenger Transport Center, there are 4 stations along the way (from low to high altitude), followed by Wuxiangang Station, Wanniansi Station, Zero Kilometer Station, and Leidongping Station.

Uphill sightseeing bus tickets round-trip is 90 Yuan, half-way round-trip is 40 Yuan. Wannian Temple, Wuxiangang, etc. also have round-trip transportation vehicles, for the specific fare you can inquire about the scenic spot staff.


Ordinary ticket: 160 RMB; Jinding cableway: Up 65 RMB/down 55 RMB; Wannian ropeway: Up 65 RMB/down 45 RMB (from Monday-Sunday during January 16-December 14)

Ordinary ticket: 110 RMB; Jinding/Wannian ropeway: Up 30 RMB/down 20 RMB (from Monday-Sunday during December 15 – January 15 of the following year)


Wannian Temple Ticket: 10 yuan / person, Baoguo Temple Ticket: 8 yuan / person, Fuhu Temple Temple: 6 yuan / person, skiing ticket: 80 yuan / person / hour.

Opening hours:

06:00-18:30 (from Monday-Sunday during May 1st – October 7th)

07:00-17:30 (from Monday-Sunday during October 8th – April 30th of the following year)