Goh Raja Yai

Goh Raja Yai is 12 kilometers south of Phuket and it takes around 30-40 minutes to arrive there by speedboat. The sea is clear, the beach is white, and the coast scene of the coral reef is infinitely beautiful. It is really a great island with blue sea and clean beach. Even though Goh Raja Yai is a small island, there is an ATV on the island, and it is really fun to take a ride around the beach, and it is good to relax on Goh Raja Yai even though you go there alone. There are also diving programs and there are also hotels on the island. You can stay on Goh Raja Yai for one night, watch the sunset, enjoy the nightlife, which will be quite fun to play there. Anf if you just take the 1-day trip to the Goh Raja Yai, you may mainly play on the seaside, and enjoy snorkeling or diving.

Compared to other popular or less popular attractions in Phuket, Goh Raja Yai is a very new attraction. You can live in the Rea Buri Hotel on the Goh Raja Yai. The island is very primitive and is said to have the monitor lizard. The island is not big, the back of the Goh Raja Yai is the Racha hotel. And there are so many stones on the beach, and the waves are big, so, just pay attention to safety while you are playing on the Goh Raja Yai. The raya baba restaurant on the island has a high price/performance ratio. It is best to book breakfast at the hotel because yo won’t find anything to eat in the morning on the island.

In Goh Raja Yai, there are seas and scenery that are as beautiful as the Maldives. You only need to have a relaxed and happy mood, to quietly experience your trip there. And it is recommended to order self-funded items online which will be more cost-effective and save time. Be sure to bring a water sunscreen tool. Moreover, it is recommended to learn to swim so that you can dive into the deep seabed to see the colorful scenery in the Goh Raja Yai.