Hongcun Ancient Village

The site selection and layout of Hongcun Ancient Village, as well as the beautiful scenery of the village, are all directly related to water. It is an ancient village that has been carefully planned. The planning and design of the artificial water system inside and outside the village is quite delicate and ingenious. The cultural landscape and natural landscape complement each other, and it is a rare village with detailed planning in ancient times in the world. Hongcun ancient dwellings are the typical representative of Huizhou style architecture. Hui-style architecture is really beautiful. The white walls and gray tiles set off the blue sky and white clouds, and the curling eaves look imposing and unique.

The most beautiful scenery in the whole Hongcun Ancient Village is in the bridge. The white bridge¬†looks like floating in the lake, and connects the different sceneries on both sides. No matter how you take a picture, it is very beautiful. It takes about an hour to walk around the whole village. Besides climbing Huangshan, don’t forget to explore the Huizhou culture, visit the birthplace of Huizhou merchants in Tunxi old street, and see the ancient villages in the paintings in Xidi Hongcun village. The south lake in Hongcun Ancient Village is especially beautiful. If you come to Hongcun Ancient Village on rainy days, you can really feel the different flavor of the village in the painting.

Anhui Hongcun Ancient Village is really worth a visit. Its local characteristics are rich, from the architectural style of Huizhou to the simple customs, as well as the unique flavor of Huizhou cuisine, all of which will make you feel enjoyable when you are visiting the Hongcun Ancient Village.

In general, the preservation of Hongcun Ancient Village is relatively complete, and if visitors are interested in the Hui culture, you can stay in the village for a few days, to taste the ‘Chinese village in the painting’.