Luhuitou Park

The Luhuitou Park is not big, and it won’t take long to climb the mountain. You can go up the mountain easily. The scenery on the road is still good, the trees are shaded, the vegetation is flourishing, the air is very good, in fact, it is quite suitable for hiking.

During your halfway up the mountain, you can see the urban areas of Sanya, Dadonghai, Sanya Bay and Phoenix Island. Walking on foot, it takes about half an hour to walk slowly. If you take a battery car, the end point will stop at the half-mountain viewing platform. However, the position of the observation platform is not ideal, and the plants are too lush. A lot of branches will block the line of sight and you need to continue going up. The angles of many positions above are quite good. The road up the mountain is a circular winding road. You can see the panoramic view of downtown Sanya. There are also some shops and bars along the road. There are durian betel nuts growing on both sides of the road. Of course, there are wild monkeys in the trees. When you go up the mountain, remember to be safe, don’t go and provoke them.

For the Luhuitou, you may have thought it was just a pure place name. After seeing Sanya’s ancient love, you will understand that this is a love story. On the top of the mountain it is a statue of a deer returning back, a sika deer looking back, and the image of a man and a woman on both sides.

Luhuitou is actually the equivalent of a peninsula, which is extending towards the sea. The scenic spot is located on the land side. In the front you can see the bay and the peninsula. To the top of the mountain, it is the best place to view the scenery.

The sunset in Luhuitou Park is also so beautiful. Standing on the high point of the Luhuitou status in Sanya, in front of you is a broad view, endless ocean, and you can just relax mood, enjoy the beautiful scenery, the atmospheric landscape, and the atmospheric state of mind.