Humble Administrator Garden

There will be relatively few people when you are visiting Humble Administrator’s Garden on non-weekend days, and the Humble Administrator’s Garden is the first of the four major gardens in Suzhou that must have a visit. The parking lot next to the Humble Administrator’s Garden costs 6 Yuan per hour, and non-weekend parking is very convenient. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is still very big, you can go in from the South Gate. After entering the park, it is the eastern scenic spot. The first scenery you can see is Lanxuetang. There is a panoramic view of the lacquered and sacred garden in the south gate of the hall. The whole garden is dominated by water, and the running water runs through two parts of the east and west, and the terrain is getting higher and higher along the running water. It would be a pleasant thing if you could walk around the garden for a whole day.

During the halfway you will pass through the Tianquan Pavilion, it stands on a verdant lawn, and many tourists take a short break inside. There is a straw shed next to Tianquan Pavilion. There are some places in the grass shed where you can sit and rest. There is a small flower bud in front of the grass shed, which is suitable for concave shape photography. The Shuxiang Pavilion is the main building of the Eastern District. If you photograph in the background of the corridor of the Xiangxiang Pavilion, you can shoot a lot of beautiful photos. Xiaolanglang is the first place suitable to take pictures. Standing on a small bridge connecting the pavilion, it naturally becomes a picture. It’s also very good to take pictures in the pavilion, and you can take a short break.

In the garden, it will be a new scenery for every 5 steps, which can be beautiful Jiangnan landscape painting. The western scenic spot is relatively small compared to the central scenic spot. There are many beautiful bonsais on the exit, and you can carefully appreciate the charm there.