Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge and Baidi City are at the same scenic spot with beautiful scenery. The background of the 10 RMB is here. It is one of the Three Gorges, you will pass by when taking the boat visiting the Three Gorges, and even though you don’t recommend it, everyone will surely know about the Qutang Gorge.

The banks of the Qutang Gorge are cutting and steep, the rock walls are towering, and the rivers are rushing through the cliffs. Since ancient times, there have been the reputations of “It is the sword that is more dangerous, it is the Kui Gorge that is more powerful”.

The Qutang Gorge features a plenty of scenic spots and historical sites and they are all concentrated together, which is more convenient for visitors to have a visit. On the upper reaches of the Qutang Gorge narrow, there are Fengjie Ancient City, Stone Sentinel Maze, and Yufu Tower. On the top of the northern bank of the gorge, there are many cultural relics of Baidi City, and there is the thrilling ancient plank road and the mysterious Fengxiang gorge. The south bank has a powder wall with many inscribed copies.

In December 2015, Qutangxia Scenic Area was selected as one of the 30 best tourism new landscapes in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

There are indeed monkeys frolicking sound in the two sides of the Qutang Gorge. Most of the people now have the impressions on the Qutang Gorge from the boat. And what impressed them the most is the red leaves on both sides of the river. The Kuimen stands out. In Baidi City, you can view the magnificent majesty of Qutang Gorge. At this time, relying on the boat you can see its steepness. The peaks on both sides of the strait are steep, like a knife and axe. The mountain is narrow, and the river is forced into a thin belt and squats in the valley. Looking up at the blue sky, the cloud and the sky is at the same line, the water in the gorge is rushing and whistling, and you can hear that the waves of the bow and the waves make a huge cheer. The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is a place that must be visited in the life.

The scenery of Qutang Gorge is really beautiful. It is a pity if you do not take a visit there.