The Ice and Snow World

From the ice surface of the Songhua River, next to the Flood Control Monument, there is a bus to Harbin Ice and Snow World, and you can get off at the Ice and Snow World Station and go to the ice and snow world in a few minutes. Tickets for the Ice and Snow World are 330 yuan. The Ice and Snow World has an annual snow-themed carnival that is open from Christmas every year to early March. Here you can admire the beautiful ice sculptures, snow sculptures and snow castles. At night, the ice lanterns under the various lights are more charming and you can enjoy all kinds of snow entertainment. The dining expenses in the scenic spot are higher. The outdoor temperature here is minus 20 degrees, so you must pay attention to the camera, keep the phone warm, do put it as close to your body as possible when you don’t use it, and bring a spare battery.

Many projects in the ice and snow world are free. The 365-meter slide is a must-have project. It is thrilling. It just takes a long time to queue up. So, you must go there early. There will be more people if you go there late, even if you arrive at 12:30, it still takes more than an hour to line up.

There are many small slides, sleds, snow circles, ice skating, etc. in the ice and snow world. You can enjoy a variety of ice sculptures while playing. Remember, you must bring a bottle of hot water in the bag. In the snow and ice world, a hot water can bring you the warmth and comfort that you can’t imagine.

Going to Harbin, how can you not go to the ice and snow world! You can not only appreciate the crystal clearness of the ice sculpture during the day, but also feel the dazzling of the ice sculpture at night. Almost all the projects in the ice and snow world are free, and large and small snow and ice slides are distributed here and there to satisfy different people to experience the happiness of the world of ice and snow The Ice and Snow World.