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Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower

Located on the south bank of the picturesque Songhua River, the terminal square of Central Street, Daoli District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower was built in 1958 to commemorate the people of Harbin overcoming the great flood in 1957. It is a symbol of this heroic city. It was co-designed by former Soviet designer Bagis Zierev and Harbin Institute of Technology second-generation architect Lee Kuan Yew. The Harbin People’s Flood Control Victory Memorial Tower won the highest honor in the Chinese construction industry.

As mentioned above, the Flood Control Memorial Tower is located on the square at the northern end of Central Street. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Harbin. This memorial tower is magnificent, its architectural design is full of strong Russian style, and its location is relatively wide, so it has become a tourist attraction for taking pictures.

The full name of the flood control memorial tower is Harbin People’s Flood Control Victory Memorial Tower. The memorial tower consists of a three-dimensional tower body and an attached corridor. The tower is 22.5 meters high. The tower base is made of blocks, which means that the embankment is firm and indestructible. The fountain in front of the tower base, symbolizing the brave and wisdom of the people of Harbin City, are taming the stormy river water into a long stream, benefiting benefits and eliminating troubles, and benefiting the people. The lower level of the tower represents the altitude of 119.72 meters, marking the highest water level when the flood in Harbin was submerged in 1932; the upper level represents the altitude of 120.30 meters, marking the highest water level when the people of the city defeated the flood in 1957. The memorial tower is a cylinder, and the tower body depicts the vivid plot of the victory over the flood in relief. On the top of the tower is a round sculpture of workers, peasants, soldiers and intellectuals, showing the heroic image of defeating the flood. Behind the tower is an ancient Roman-style cloister, which is surrounded by 20 columns, blending with the memorial tower into a scene, to be harmonious and spectacular. This is a tourist attraction worth sightseeing in Harbin.

St Sofia Orthodox Church

Founded in 1907, St Sofia Orthodox Church is a landmark in Harbin. Its green onion-shaped dome is very eye-catching. Although this magnificent Byzantine building no longer has the function of a church, is it still attracting everyone to come and visit.

St Sofia Orthodox Church is a relatively complete Byzantine building in China. Although it was renamed “Harbin Architecture Art Museum” in 1997, it is more likely to call it “St Sofia Orthodox Church” for locals and foreign tourists.

The more striking part of the church is the huge 48-meter-long onion-shaped dome, which is a typical Russian architectural roof form that is magnificent and can be compared to the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The walls of the church are made of clear red bricks. There are four tents of different sizes around the big dome. There are stairs connected between the four lower floors. There are four doors in the front and rear of the church for people enter and go out.

After the church was converted into an art gallery, it was internally remodeled, and it has reflected the history, current status and future of the famous city of Harbin by displaying nearly a thousand pictures and urban planning sand tables. However, after the reconstruction, the original pattern was destroyed, and the function as a church has disappeared.

There are “square pigeons” in the square in front of the church. There is also a large series of musical fountains. The locals like to take wedding photos here. Compared with the scenery in daytime, the night view of the church is more beautiful. When the night falls, the church is more magnificent and mysterious and full of exoticism.

The St Sofia Orthodox Church is really magnificent. At the top of the main entrance is the bell tower. The church building is arranged in a Greek cross. It is influenced by the Byzantine architectural style. The main dome and the bell tower also have the traditional Russian “tent top” and “onion head” shape!

The Sun Island Scenic Spot

Sun Island Scenic Spot has several attractions on the island, and the Russian-style town is a Russian-style tourist and leisure town. The whole town consists of 27 villas and houses that reflect the simple, rich Russian style and architectural art of the last century. The ticket is a passport with a fare of 20. You will feel leisurely and quiet. If you want to go there by boat, you don’t have to take a big boat of 10 yuan. There is also a boat on the dock that costs only 3 yuan. You can find it when you look for it. In addition, there is a battery car on the island. Don’t take it, just walk straight into the scenic spot, as taking a leisurely stroll is quite comfortable there.

In the Sun Island Scenic Spot, there is a deer garden where you can buy food by costing 5 yuan to see the deer in the vicinity. In the Squirrel Island, bringing some melon seeds to the squirrel is fun, and you can buy some fish food for the fish. When you are free to take a walk and row boat to see the scenery, you can stay there for one day. During September, it is really the best season in Harbin

It is very worthwhile to visit the Sun Island Scenic Spot; the green plant coverage is very high. You can reach the scenic spot directly by taking cable car, and the cable car and Sun Island tickets are recommended to be bought together, which can be a little cheaper. There are waterfalls in the scenic spots, squirrel islands where small squirrels are running all over the place and they are not afraid of people. And if you buy melon seeds for them to eat, you can take pictures. Also, the scenery of the Swan Lake and flower gardens are beautiful.

Harbin Sun Island in summer features beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. In winter, the snow is covered with ice and the scenery is exceptionally enchanting. Harbin Ice and Snow Culture Exhibition Hall is a cultural venue that displays the history of Harbin culture and the art of ice and snow.

Central Street

Central Street is a prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Harbin City. It is located on the riverside Flood Control Monument in the north and connects the Xinyang Square in the south, which is 1,400 meters long. This long street was built in 1900, and the street buildings include 71 buildings of various styles such as the Renaissance and Baroque. The central street is full of 71 European and imitation European buildings, and it is a rare architectural art group in the country. It is a collection of city-level protected buildings of the Renaissance, Baroque, Eclecticism and modern style.

Central Street is very suitable to have a visit here, as there are a lot of Russian goods, which are not expensive, but very funny. The Flood Control Monument and Zhaolin Park, Songhua River and Sun Island are very close. Playing for two days in the Central Street is very fulfilling. The cable car of Songhua River is also good. If you take the tourist car, it will cost 15 Yuan/person, which is very valuable. And it takes just 5 minutes to St Sofia Orthodox Church, which is very beautiful.

Snacks in the Central Street are so dazzling that you can have the urge to eat all the time. It is a famous commercial street in Harbin. You don’t need shop at all, but you must take a walk here in Harbin. Especially in the winter, the old streets, buildings, ice sculptures, old objects, signs, and pedestrians who have walked through here under the warm sun, are all beautiful views of the ice city in your heart.

The Central Street is as famous as St Sofia Orthodox Church in Harbin, and it is full of Russian style. Harbin is cold but the air quality is still great. The chic buildings under the blue sky are more beautiful, and several old branded western restaurants on the street are also very special and worth visiting.

Siberian Tiger Park

Located on the north bank of the Songhua River, Siberian Tiger Park covers an area of 360,000 square meters. It is currently the world’s largest Siberian Tiger Park. In the park, there are 10 visiting spots including the wilderness and domestication area, adult tiger area, little tiger area, tiger king area, bred tiger area, liger area, African Lion area, Pedestrian Area and tiger viewing platform etc. You can watch more than 100 purebred Siberian tigers. Tourists choose to sit in the ordinary sightseeing car to find the tigers, or increase the price by 20 yuan to change to a thrilling sightseeing feeding car, which is surrounded by a large iron net, and whose body is very heavy, and it is specially designed for the close feeding of the Siberian tiger.

Siberian Tiger Park is adjacent to the Sun Island Scenic Area and is a park that is built to save and protect the world’s endangered species, the Siberian Tiger. Tickets for the Siberian Tiger Park are 90 yuan/person. It seems that it is not cheap, but thousands of tigers in the garden need food, so the tickets are not too expensive. When visitors are playing in the park, they can take a special tour bus and visit the tigers in the adult tiger area. You can also watch the living conditions of many Siberian tigers in close distance on the viewing platform and sightseeing channels.

If you are interested, you can buy live chickens and live sheep at your own expense and watch the real scenes of the tigers seizing the food. The only bad thing is that the price of live chickens is slightly higher, and the tourists are not too active. The circus is still very exciting.

Tickets can be ordered online, which can be used only 15 minutes after the reservation. It is cheaper than buying it on site.

The Ice and Snow World

From the ice surface of the Songhua River, next to the Flood Control Monument, there is a bus to Harbin Ice and Snow World, and you can get off at the Ice and Snow World Station and go to the ice and snow world in a few minutes. Tickets for the Ice and Snow World are 330 yuan. The Ice and Snow World has an annual snow-themed carnival that is open from Christmas every year to early March. Here you can admire the beautiful ice sculptures, snow sculptures and snow castles. At night, the ice lanterns under the various lights are more charming and you can enjoy all kinds of snow entertainment. The dining expenses in the scenic spot are higher. The outdoor temperature here is minus 20 degrees, so you must pay attention to the camera, keep the phone warm, do put it as close to your body as possible when you don’t use it, and bring a spare battery.

Many projects in the ice and snow world are free. The 365-meter slide is a must-have project. It is thrilling. It just takes a long time to queue up. So, you must go there early. There will be more people if you go there late, even if you arrive at 12:30, it still takes more than an hour to line up.

There are many small slides, sleds, snow circles, ice skating, etc. in the ice and snow world. You can enjoy a variety of ice sculptures while playing. Remember, you must bring a bottle of hot water in the bag. In the snow and ice world, a hot water can bring you the warmth and comfort that you can’t imagine.

Going to Harbin, how can you not go to the ice and snow world! You can not only appreciate the crystal clearness of the ice sculpture during the day, but also feel the dazzling of the ice sculpture at night. Almost all the projects in the ice and snow world are free, and large and small snow and ice slides are distributed here and there to satisfy different people to experience the happiness of the world of ice and snow The Ice and Snow World.