The Summer Palace

It is known to all that the Summer Palace is the most well-preserved Royal Palace, and it is known as the Royal Garden Museum. The area is quite large, and it takes about five hours to fully visit it. It is recommended to enter from the East Gate, where you will first visit Wenchang Center and Deheyuan. It is mainly a place to worship and watch the opera. Among them, there are several lofts that are scattered in order and it is a residence of Cixi, Emperor and the Emperor’s wives. Then you can walk along the longest corridor in the world to the center of Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha. If you are tired, you can choose to take a boat to Suzhou Street and exit from the North Palace Gate. If you are interested, you can continue to go west along the promenade, which is made up of the imitation. There are also six bridges. Walk along the west bank along the lake and reach the 17-hole bridge. You can choose exiting from the new palace gate, or you can continue to go north to return to the East Gate.

Ticket for the Summer Palace is 30RMB/person, and the joint tickets are 60RMB/person, the price cost-performance is extremely high.

If you take the subway to the Summer Palace, after you get off, you can enter from the North Palace Gate, and then enter Suzhou Street, which is a shopping street and it is a water street dedicated to build for the emperor and his wife to go shopping in the Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, it was burned by the British and French forces and later it was just rebuilt. Directly through the Cifu archway you can climb on Wanshou Mountain.

In general, climbing Wanshoushan is from the “Yunhui Yuyu” archway on the mountain foot, through the PaiYunmen, Ergongmen, Dehui Hall, Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha, to the wisdom of the sea on the top of the mountain, forming a layer of rising central axis. You can also climb from the back hill to the forest, all the way through the stone steps rockery to enjoy the temple, tower, church, pavilion. Then go down the mountain to Kunming Lake. The long dike divides the lake into two parts. The West Lake is small and exquisite. The East Lake is wide. There are poplar and willow on both sides of the embankment. There are arch bridge pavilions between the hundred steps. Walking on the long embankment to enjoy the lake and mountains, without looking at the iconic Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha, it is like walking through the West Lake in Hangzhou.