Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone is a place you still want to go again after you have been there. The island is irregularly butterfly-shaped, with an area of ​​1.48 square kilometers, 1500 meters long from east to west, and 1,100 meters wide from north to south. The coastline of Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone is 5.7 kilometers long and the highest peak in the south is 79.9 meters above sea level.

It is an independent and small island outside the island of Hainan, the marine conditions are outstanding among many scenic spots. The island’s rich activities for couples make Wuzhizhou Island a “Lover Island”. The underwater red coral and tropical fish of Wuzhizhou Island are really much more beautiful than other places. It is still recognized as the first diving destination in China. In the evening, you can have a buffet at the hotel. The price is not expensive, but there are many foods to eat and the taste is good. After the dinner, there is also a bonfire party and a lot of small games specially prepared for the guests. Before going to bed, remember to book the battery car for the sunrise the next day (Wuzhizhou Island is the best place to view the sunrise in southern Hainan). After watching the sunrise, eating breakfast, and making up your sleep, you can safely go down the island, because you have already seen the most beautiful sea.

The island is beautiful. It is the best place for wedding photography. There are beautiful beaches, and there are many activities on the sea. There is no need to use umbrellas, and the trees and flowers are beautiful. It is suitable to go with your baby. The sea water is clear, you must do a good job of sun protection when going to the beach and it is best to wear long sleeves.

It is recommended to play in Wuzhizhou Island for a day, not only for the scenery beautiful, but also various projects to experience there. If you don’t want to play a dynamic project such as a spaceship or diving, you can take a battery car to go around the island.