Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park

Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park, located to the east of Jinghong and north of Lancang River, 8 kilometers away from the seat of the state capital, is the virgin forest closest to Jinghong City in Quanzhou. The park is built on the basis of 25,000 acres of tropical valley rainforest. The forest coverage rate in the park exceeds 98%. It is a natural oxygen bar. There are gully rain forests, flying peacock, folk songs and dances, delicious food, water splashing carnival and other projects in the park. It is one of the largest comprehensive ecological tourist attractions in Xishuangbanna. The concept of fashionable life with nature, ecology, environmental protection, leisure, health, etc. as the main elements is embodied through the ethnic folk culture season in winter, the peacock culture season in spring, the rainforest culture season in summer and the ethnic costume season in autumn.

The transportation tool in Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park is a sightseeing bus. The main attraction is Peacock Villa. When the trainer blew a whistle, hundreds of peacocks cross the sparkling lake. The scene is very shocking. The other two stops are Ai Ni Shanzhai and the National Customs Performing Arts Center, where you can watch folk song and dance performances or participate in the small water splashing festival, which is very ethnic.

In Xishuangbanna, it is not uncommon to be close to animals. It is easy to appreciate the peacocks on the screen and greet the guests and see monkeys playing with people. When you come here, you will be able to fully feel the harmony between man and nature, and between man and animal. In general, Xishuangbanna Virgin Forest Park is famous for its magical tropical rainforest natural landscape and ethnic customs. You can enjoy the air of the natural oxygen bar, see the beauty of the tropical rainforest, and experience minority folk-custom. It is very worth a visit.