Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

From the urban area to the Grand Canyon, it’s good to go to the bus station to take bus, which costs ten yuan a person, and the journey takes 45 minutes. You can buy the tickets for the Grand Canyon in advance, and when you get down in the bus, you can go straight. Under the mountain, after a long slope, there is a free passenger bus going up the mountain. Every half an hour, there will be one bus. There is place for you to store your bags near the passenger bus, because the backpack is not allowed to be brought into the glass bridge, so you can store it under the mountains in advance. Don’t store it on the mountain, otherwise you have to take the shuttle bus to get it, which is very troublesome. Then you can go to the Grand Canyon to line up and prepare to walk the glass bridge. But if you run into the foggy weather, you can’t see the scenery under the bridge, and you will not be afraid at all.

The Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie can be said that the Grand Canyon is the most interesting attraction in the trip, which features steep descending steps, interesting mountain slides, three thousand miles of deep canyons, and a section of water ferry. Compared to Shili Gallery, you will think the Grand Canyon should enjoy this reputation. In the mountain slide, the staff will send a set of protective gear and gloves to each person. The slide is quite long, and the speed of the road slides down, then you may scream loudly, which is really a super interesting experience.

The waterfalls in the Grand Canyon can be seen everywhere, and you can see all the way. The vegetation in the canyon is lush, the air is fresh, it is cool and comfortable, and the stream of water is filled with mist. It is like coming to the paradise, which makes people feel enjoyable. The interesting part of the scenic spot is actually a section of walking in the canyon. It is very beautiful. The glass bridge is worthwhile for the trip.