Black Dragon Pool Park

The Black Dragon Pool Park is located near the Lijiang ancient town. It takes about ten minutes to walk from the big water wheel of the Lijiang ancient town, and at the end it is the Black Dragon Pool Park, which is open to visitors free of charge. When it comes to Black Dragon Pool Park, it is famous for the reflection of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the pool.

The park is located at the foot of the northern Xiangshan Mountain in the ancient town. It has a clear spring pool. In the center of spring pool, there is a Yueyue Building and a five-hole bridge. Black Dragon Pool is also the water source of the Lijiang ancient town. Many tourists, including foreigners, enter the Black Dragon Pool Park to shoot the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The best time to shoot the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is in the morning and evening. If the weather is clear and shining, the snow mountain will be reflected in the pool, together with the blue sky and white clouds, it will be very beautiful. It is not recommended you going to the park during June and July, as there are many rainy days, which make it very difficult to take the beautiful picture of the reflection.

In addition to shooting the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the plants in the Black Dragon Pool Park are also worth viewing. The Black Dragon Pool Park in May will be full of cherry trees in the whole road and the cherry blossoms here and there. You can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms without going to Korea.

If you are not in a hurry, you can sit quietly in the park. In addition to take the photos of the popular spots in the park, there are many angles to capture the tranquility under the blue sky and white clouds. In addition, do remember to bring the receipt of the ancient town maintenance fee, as you will be carefully checked in the park.