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Dali Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring, located under the Yunlong Peak of Cangshan Mountain in Dali, covers an area of more than 50 square meters and is a square spring pool. Butterfly Spring scenic spot’s spring water is crystal clear. Every year at the butterfly meeting, tens of thousands of butterflies come from all directions and fly around the spring. Butterflies are as big as slaps and as small as coins. Countless butterflies also hook their feet and chain their heads and tails, hanging from the Acacia tree to the water, which is very colorful and marvelous.

Butterfly Spring is one of the famous tourist destinations in Dali. It has beautiful scenery, clear spring water and unique wonders in the world. With the spread of the film “Five Golden Flowers” that is reflecting the life of the Bai people, the bizarre landscape of Butterfly Spring is even more famous. Yunnan Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Rating Committee officially approved Dali Butterfly Spring Scenic Spot as a National 4A-level tourist scenic spot on 9th June, 2018.

Butterfly Spring’s water is soaked in the sand layer of rock cracks, the water quality is particularly clear, and it will gather into a pool as soon as it comes out of the surface without any pollution. In recent years, the spring water flowing out of Butterfly Spring has been treasured by park managers in three ponds that are larger than one pond, for people to watch. Butterfly Spring has changed from the past one pool to the current four pools, which is the most conspicuous landscape in Butterfly Spring Park.

The area of Butterfly Spring is quite large, with many tropical plants, fresh air and mild climate, which is very suitable for visiting! The scenic environment is very good, the birds are singing, and you are at ease here! The fish swim freely in the spring water and play happily. A few big white geese walk leisurely by the water, presenting a harmonious scene of nature!

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge is known for being odd, dangerous, mighty and strong. Among them, the upper tiger leaping gorge is famous for the “gorge narrows” and “Tiger Leading Stone”, the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge is famous for the risky “Mantianxin” and “First Line Sky”, while the Lower Tiger Leaping gorge is famous for its wide river and the beautiful scenery.

The historical precipitation of Tiger Leaping Gorge is very good! Here you can see more tree fossils that has longer history than China’s five thousand years. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into the upper tiger leaping gorge, and the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Lower Tiger Leaping gorge. The tiger leading stone in the middle of the Jinsha River makes people think about why it is called the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The road from the bus parking lot to the car parking lot is well built. The trails are down the mountain, and down to the Jinsha River, where you can see the collapse of the river constantly hitting the tiger leaping stone but standing still.

Tiger Leaping Gorge can be a suitable attraction for people who like hiking so much. It is also a holy place for Chinese trekking. However, it is necessary to allocate physical strength reasonably, otherwise it may be more embarrassing.

The momentum of the Tiger Leaping Gorge is indeed magnificent. Standing on the edge of the canyon and listening to the sound of the rumble of water, it is inevitable that you will have awe. The upper tiger leaping gorge is relatively mature and well-managed, and the service facilities are also complete. There are steps, which are safe and convenient, but you can only stand on the viewing platform. The tour of the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge is more participatory. You can go directly to the river to see the water potential and get close to the Jinsha River. After entering the scenic spot, the sun is shining and hot. When seeing the rolling water and the mist, and touching the roaring Jinsha River so close, you will feel it so shocking!

Black Dragon Pool Park

The Black Dragon Pool Park is located near the Lijiang ancient town. It takes about ten minutes to walk from the big water wheel of the Lijiang ancient town, and at the end it is the Black Dragon Pool Park, which is open to visitors free of charge. When it comes to Black Dragon Pool Park, it is famous for the reflection of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the pool.

The park is located at the foot of the northern Xiangshan Mountain in the ancient town. It has a clear spring pool. In the center of spring pool, there is a Yueyue Building and a five-hole bridge. Black Dragon Pool is also the water source of the Lijiang ancient town. Many tourists, including foreigners, enter the Black Dragon Pool Park to shoot the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The best time to shoot the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is in the morning and evening. If the weather is clear and shining, the snow mountain will be reflected in the pool, together with the blue sky and white clouds, it will be very beautiful. It is not recommended you going to the park during June and July, as there are many rainy days, which make it very difficult to take the beautiful picture of the reflection.

In addition to shooting the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the plants in the Black Dragon Pool Park are also worth viewing. The Black Dragon Pool Park in May will be full of cherry trees in the whole road and the cherry blossoms here and there. You can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms without going to Korea.

If you are not in a hurry, you can sit quietly in the park. In addition to take the photos of the popular spots in the park, there are many angles to capture the tranquility under the blue sky and white clouds. In addition, do remember to bring the receipt of the ancient town maintenance fee, as you will be carefully checked in the park.

Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake, located on the east side of the Dali ancient town, if famous for its blue water and wonderful landscape and the unique villages and towns on the lakeshore. Staying at Erhai Lake, cycling around the lake, and taking the boat trips are all great options for feeling the atmosphere of Erhai Lake. Erhai Lake has three islands, namely, Jinsuo Island, Xiaoputuo and Nanxun Fengqing Island. There are villages such as Youcai Village, Xizhou, Shuanglang, Wase, Haidong, etc., each with its own characteristics. You can choose to live anywhere in the lake, as they all have elegant inns for you to choose from, or you can live in the Dali ancient Town. Walking between the villages and towns, looking at the distant Cangshan Mountain, smelling the rapeseed flowers everywhere, soaking up the sun, and spending a leisurely day without knowing it, you will fully enjoy your trip in Erhai Lake.

Erhai Lake is a delightful plateau lake. You can quietly enjoy the beautiful scenery and and drink coffee at Erhai Lake, and you can spend a morning or afternoon lazily. Erhai Lake can be played by two ways: one is riding along Erhai Lake, the other is taking the boat cruise on Erhai Lake. A lot of people think that the riding along Erhai Lake is more funny. It is best to rent the electric car from the innkeeper. And do remember to charge the electric car while riding around the lake.

The beauty of Erhai Lake lies in its tranquility, and it is surrounded by the misty mountains and it has the unique blue sea and blue sky. Going to Erhai Lake must be in sunny days, when the clouds on the Cangshan Mountain are floating, the sky is blue, and the lake will also be blue and beautiful. There are many seagulls on Erhai Lake, which gives you the illusion that it is the real sea. In short, Erhai Lake will show you multi-faceted charms, no matter which one, it is a gift from nature.

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake is a magical place. It is located in Ninglang Autonomous County of Lijiang City, the lake is 2,685 meters above sea level. Sitting on the boat of the “Mosuo people”, you will feel the lake is like a green jade, which is so crystal clear, and clusters of red-billed seagulls are flying on the water, to forming the picturesque scenery. The mysterious “Mosuo people” is still pursuing the matriarchal clan of “Men do not marry, women do not marry”, all that attracts you to embark on this mysterious land.

The road from Lijiang to Lugu Lake is good, but there are many corners, so be careful. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, the 18 bends of the mountain road, and the magnificent Jinsha River. When you enter the gate of the territory of Yunnan, you have to pay 100 yuan/person. Standing on the first viewing platform behind the ticketing point to overlook the Lugu Lake, you can sense the beauty of Lugu Lake is beyond your imagination. Self-driving is the best way to play in Lugu Lake. From the observation deck, along the S307 Provincial Road, Daluoshui, Dayuba, Xiaoyuba, Lovers Beach, Lige Island, Nisai Island, then you can stay in Xiaoluoshui. The hotel is about ten meters away from the lake, from where you can watch the stars in the dark, and see the sunrise in the room in the morning. The scene is so fantastic that only requires personal experience. The next day, you can continue to drive around the lake, pass by the Lugu Lake Town, the wedding bridge, the museum, Caohai, another lake and wetland, you will enjoy the mountain scenery and humanities. It is worth coming again!

The Lugu Lake in the observation deck quietly exudes a unique blue color, which is so mysterious and seductive. Walking into the boating lake on the Lugu Lake, you will feel it another fun to get close to the seagulls. Every angle of the lake is so beautiful and you will surely like Lugu Lake.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

If you go to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in August, when the weather is good and the visibility is high, you can see the top of the snow mountain in the Blue Moon Valley, and when you look up at the snow mountains in the dreamy blue moon valley, it can make people feel that they have immediately conquered the mountains. Sitting on the cable car to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (8 people in each cable car), watching the cliffs and pine trees under your feet through the clouds from time to time, you will feel special flavor during your trip there. After ten minutes’ drive, it is 4,506 meters in the first-level scenic spot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The surrounding clouds, the cliffs at the foot, the glaciers in the distance, and the snow-capped peaks above the head make a wonderful picture.

Before going to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, it is highly suggested that you should buy tickets for the big ropeway online in advance. The tickets during the peak season is tense. And it will be better for you to join the local travel agency if you want to have better experience in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, as it is more relaxing than the individual tour and the price is similar.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most memorable spot in Lijiang. When you look at it from far distance, you will feel it mysterious, but when you look at it at a close distance, it is majestic. Wearing a down jacket and holding an oxygen tank may seems unnecessary at first, but when you are on the scene, you will find that no matter how good or bad your body is, there would be some altitude sickness, so Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not recommended for friends who are too old and too small.

The clouds on the mountain are changing. However, the magic of nature power makes you too shocked. In addition to climbing the mountain and gasping, you are constantly taking pictures with your mobile phone during your trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Shuhe Ancient Town

Compared with the prosperity of the ancient town, many visitors love the secludedness of the Shuhe Ancient Town. Perhaps this is the purest land in the heart. When you visit the Shuhe ancient town for the first time, you will see that the sun is softly scattered into the bluestone road. The catkins flutter, the brick red wooden doors are opened, and the silverware shop “Dangdang” sound awaken the girl in her sleep. The fresh life of the newly awakened ancient town floats into the ears. When you are slowly walking on the stone road, you can watch the water flowing through the small bridge, day after day, clearly and movingly, and constantly enduring the people of the ancient town. Flowers are here and there in the Shuhe Ancient Town, and are like painting a thick whitefly for this plain girl, to show a different kind of style.

Shuhe Ancient Town is one of the most well-preserved market towns. Compared to Dayan Ancient Town, which is a crowded town, Shuhe Ancient Town is relatively quiet and original. The museum retains the historic sites of the year.

Shuhe Ancient Town is also a bit like the semi-commercial Lijiang Old Town. There are also bars and cafes. If you walk all the way, you will feel a little more charm. The Shuhe ancient town is much smaller than the Lijiang ancient city. If you walk down all the town, it will take a lot of time and effort. And you will feel it not worse than Lijiang Ancient Town, but it is quite fun to go to the end of the road. It is quieter and more elegant when compared to the Lijiang ancient town. In addition, the museum of the ancient tea-horse road tells the origin and development of the ancient tea-horse road. Tickets for museums must be bought at the entrance of Shuhe Ancient Town. If you are not interested in the museum, you can directly enter the ancient town free of charge.

Dali Ancient Town

The time of the ancient town is always lazy and idle. Probably when God arrives here, the pointer of the clock has been slowed down by the God. The Dali Ancient Town is simple and quiet, and there is a clear stream of water in the city. Every family raises flowers and trees. A lot of visitors like to see the ancient town, like to know something that the old town has experienced in the past, like its folk customs, and like its unique flavor and food. Each ancient town has its own characteristics, or history, or humanities, or landscapes.

The Dali Ancient Town is a city that you can dream when smelling the wind! As soon as you arrive in Dali, you will be drunk in Dali and could not leave. In August, there are more than a million tourists in Yunnan, but the ancient town of Dali is quiet like a girl. No matter it is in the sky, under the Cangshan Mountain, or next to the sea, here, the sky and the white clouds are so close, the sun and the air are very transparent, as if your world is filled with the taste of a rose, so crazy! I am sure that you will like Dali, so that as long as a friend asks you about the trip to Yunnan, you will recommend Dali, and repeatedly emphasize the need to live in the ancient city for a few more days, to completely slow down the pace, really feel how happy it is to play with time.

What color can you use to allow visitors who are roaming in the ancient town of Dali to integrate into the picture and jump out of the picture? The literary and small fresh plaid series is perfect, and the totem batik will be over-exaggerated; the daily life dress will give people the visual fatigue of “have visited this place”. So, you can choose Komori’s long skirt, retro shoes, and then make a few small flower buds to successfully play the Golden Flower of the Bai nationality.

The Stone Forest

There are many tourist attractions in Kunming. The West Mountain of Kunming is like a sleeping beauty and lying on the top of the Dianchi Lake. The long view of the Daguan Upstairs describes the magnificent feeling of the 500-mile Dianchi Lake. The statue of Chen Yuanyuan in the Golden Temple stands in the heart of the lake. After centuries of vicissitudes, things have changed.

The main geological relics of Stone Forest World Geopark are karst geological features, which are karst geological parks dominated by stone forest landscapes. The stone forest preserves and displays the most diverse karst forms. The tall limestone columns such as sword, column, mushroom and tower are typical representatives of the stone forest. In addition, there are caves, stalactites, dissolved lakes, natural bridges, cliff waterfalls, cone-shaped peaks, etc., almost all the karst forms in the world are concentrated here, forming a panoramic view of karst geological features.

Official telephone number of the Stone Forest: 0871-67711439; 0871-67710699

Visiting time reference: more than 3 hours

How to go to the Stone Forest:

At the Kunming East Bus Terminal, take the tourist train to the Stone Forest Scenic Area. The fare is 34 yuan/person/time. During the period from 8:00 to 18:00, the train departs when it is full of people and the journey takes about 2 hours.


Ordinary ticket during Monday to Sunday from January 1 – December 31: Ticket 175 RMB, discount ticket 130 RMB, half-price ticket 87.5 RMB;

Half-ticket: people who is 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) – 18 years old (including 18 years old).

Free of charge: children under the age of 6 (including 6 years old) or 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters), 70 years old and disabled.

Tickets for Dadieshui Waterfall is 18 yuan/person, and tickets for Changhu Lake is 10 yuan/person.

Opening hours:

08:00-18:00 during Monday to Sunday from January 1st – December 31st.

Lijiang Ancient Town

From the airport to the Lijiang Ancient Town, the driver will tell you that Lijiang has an existing born population of 300,000 and now has an external population of more than 3 million people. Therefore, the Lijiang Ancient Town has been commercialized very seriously. It is recommended not to buy things in the ancient city, but what the tour guide tells to you is basically all about shops. When you are walking on the road in the Lijiang Ancient Town, you will feel that it is a bit like walking in Beijing’s Houhai or South Luogu Lane.

The contrast with Beijing is that there are fewer people, and of course it may be the reason for the off-season. This experience is very good.

It is estimated that some roads are anti-cultivation, but some roads should be left over from history.

Because Yunnan is in the earthquake zone, the house is not built very high, especially in the Lijiang Ancient Town.

Lijiang Ancient Town costs 80 yuan for the maintenance of the ancient town. Some local people will take you into the ancient town at a very low price. Usually it is a lie, so take care not to be cheated. Lijiang Ancient Town does not charge the maintenance fee of the ancient town at night. Most people think that it is better to take pictures during the day in the ancient town of Lijiang. You can also see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the Lijiang Ancient Town during the day.

During the day, there is the beauty of the day, and at night it is good at night. At night, there will be more people and the ancient town has more bright lights. The two big houses in the ancient town can see the big moon hanging in the sky which looks like a big moon cake. And you may feel that the scenery seen by the former people should be no different from the scenery now seen in Lijiang Ancient Town.

At night, the Lijiang Ancient Town is very noisy. Many small bars are open. Many singers are singing in deep affection as if they could bring you into their world. Some beautiful women who are good at doing business will also play the live broadcast of the mobile phone while tapping the drums.