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Jean Georges Restaurant

World-famous chef Jean Georges copied the restaurant of the same name he opened in Manhattan, New York to the Bund in Shanghai, and this is the Jean Georges Restaurant. French cuisine is not only tasteful, but also looks like a work of art. The decoration of Jean Georges restaurant is mainly in light and bright colors, with white as the base tone, with light orange flowers and yellow warm lights, showing a sophisticated modern restaurant, creating a unique romance and elegance. You can enjoy the beauty of the Pujiang River by the window here.

There are countless luxury restaurants in Shanghai Bund. The French restaurant Jean Georges on the 4th floor of No. 3 Zhongshan East 1st Road (ie, No. 3 on the Bund) in Huangpu District, Shanghai is definitely one of the top restaurants. The name of the restaurant is named after the French chef Jean Georges Vongerichten, and it is awarded a three-Michelin-star restaurant. He himself is the restaurant’s biggest signature. The business here is a fusion of Asian-style French cuisine, providing the most high-quality French cuisine experience in Shanghai for the guests who come here.

Since its opening in 2004, Jean Georges French Restaurant has become a model of contemporary high-end dining in Shanghai with its innovative dishes, rich collection of wines and attentive service, and has welcomed countless gluttonous diners. The restaurant was fully renovated at the end of 2015 and reopened in April 2016. The renewed Jean-Georges includes a main dining area, 3 private rooms, a bar, and two open kitchens. The French restaurant Jean Georges is known to enjoy the pinnacle of modern French cuisine in an elegant environment. Remember that if there are infants and young children going to the restaurant, it is best to have lunch at noon. The restaurant does not accept diners with infants and young children into the restaurant for dinner.

Jean Georges specialties: egg caviar, green asparagus with morels, asparagus sauce, grilled Icelandic flounder, chocolate lava cake, black truffle salmon, lobster truffle Benedict, grilled beef tenderloin

Fuhehui Restaurant

Fuhehui, is quietly located in Yuyuan Road Old Street where old houses are gathered. This simple and stylish vegetarian restaurant features strong Chinese Zen, elegant environment, and unpretentious, lets people naturally produce vegetarian wishes slowly.

Although the restaurant is located at the junction of the prosperous Changjing An District, after passing through the bamboo forest, through the heavy screens, entering Fuhehui, you will feel the tranquil atmosphere of retreat, and the hustle and bustle of the outside world does not affect this Zen space. If you are tired of the fast pace of your work life, come here, sit down quietly, smell the fragrant tea, calm your mood and enjoy the pleasure of being content. Fuhehui pursues the ultimate in art and quality, and pays attention to seasonal health and freshness. Here you can taste the top vegetarian ingredients from all corners of the world. For the ginkgo biloba, yam, wild vegetables, truffles, soba noodles, pleurotus eryngii, bamboo fungus, matsutake, the chef changes a variety of cooking methods, from the plate to the taste, constantly surprises the diners. This is not a vegetarian restaurant with pure hearts and desires, but vegetarianism is used as a cooking proposition to create a new realm of elegance.

The restaurant has three floors of space. In addition to an open dining area, it is mainly a private room that can accommodate 4-12 people. The carved wooden screen shelves outline the sense of tranquility in ancient Chinese academy. In the middle of the open space on the first floor, the marble long table is the finishing touch of the restaurant. The middle of the long table is built with gurgling water and a little candlelight. Guests who dine on the long table can enjoy the effect of the sea of clouds created by dry ice, and if you want to experience this mysterious dining scenes, you must book seats in advance.

The restaurant’s specialties: Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs (Vegetarian), Avocado Crispy Roll, Bamboo Fungus Matsutake Soup, Walnut Crisp, Bailing Mushroom, Matsutake Rice, Mushroom, etc.

Reservation hotline: 021-57575777, 021-39809188

Business hours: 11:00-14:00 for lunch, 17:00-22:00 for dinner

Da Dong Restaurant (Huanmao iapm Store)

The Beijing cuisine created by Da Dong Restaurant is unique and has long been known among all tourists. The signature dish of “Crispy” roast duck is very famous. The chef cut the ​​duck on the spot and it has the right temperature and tastes delicious. The interior of the restaurant uses decorative elements such as flower ceilings and feather lighting. It is romantic in simplicity, and the projected verses create a strong cultural atmosphere that is worth experiencing.

It is a very elegant and romantic restaurant. It is located in the downtown area; its popularity is good. The food ingredients are fresh, the taste is unique, and it suits the taste of the common people. The overall service level is also very high. When you have a party here, you will have a good experience. The food here is super delicious, and at first glance, it feels appetizing, but the portion is not large and it looks very delicate. The taste of the dishes is moderately salty and mild, and the heat is just right. Serving speed is also fast.

Da Dong restaurant is comfortable and quiet, clean and tidy, and the food is beautiful in appearance. The taste is delicious and very distinctive, the service attitude is very good, the price is a bit expensive, but it is a good place for friends to dine, and it is also suitable to take family members to get together.

Cherry foie gras and roast duck are must-taste dishes in Da Dong Restaurant. The foie gras is refreshing and delicious, and it is not greasy. Roast duck is innovative, and it is still a little different from traditional roast duck, which is very interesting. The traditional Beijing Roast Duck has a new way of eating here. The dishes are very delicate and cater to the tastes of foreigners. The environment is good and very innovative. Service attitude is also good, it is worth recommending. Eating here is a great treat.

Chenglonghangxiewangfu Restaurant

The decoration of the Chenglonghangxiewangfu restaurant was inspired by the Ming and Qing dynasties. Red lanterns and old wooden furniture elements create a simple charm. The traditional folk music and calligraphy and painting set off a strong cultural atmosphere. The environment of this restaurant is very good, and it is very clean and tidy, and the food is not only beautiful in appearance, but importantly, the taste is very good. The cuisine practice retains the original taste of the ingredients to be fresh and delicious. Moreover, there are many choices of dishes, and the price is not high. It is suitable to take your family to enjoy dinner here.

Chenglonghangxiewangfu is a relatively famous restaurant for eating crabs, where you can also enjoy the folk music performances. The package is cost-effective, and the eight cold dishes and meat dishes are well matched. The environment here is comfortable and elegant, and also very artistic, exquisite and elegant. The food is very fresh, and you can enjoy good service. The price is a little expensive, but after all, the grade is high and noble, many people like the dishes and environment here.

Come to Chenglonghangxiewangfu to eat a variety of crab-related dishes. When you enter the restaurant, you will clearly feel the quaint and festive decoration. It inherits the antique flavor that is inseparable from the traditional Chinese culture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In short, the crabs here are very good, the environment is clear, the service is warm and considerate. There are sour, spicy, sweet, salty flavor available. Superb cooking skills of the restaurant achieves all kinds of crab products, which is really a bit unexpected, and the taste is very delicious. It is the first choice for dinning.

Specialties of Chenglonghangxiewangfu: crab noodle tofu, drunk crab, snow crab bucket, steamed hairy crab, Chenglongxing selected hairy crab, crabsticks asparagus etc.


Take Metro Lines 2 or 10 to Nanjing East Road Station, go out from the exit 3, and walk east along Jiujiang Road for about 200 meters.