Central Street

Central Street is a prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Harbin City. It is located on the riverside Flood Control Monument in the north and connects the Xinyang Square in the south, which is 1,400 meters long. This long street was built in 1900, and the street buildings include 71 buildings of various styles such as the Renaissance and Baroque. The central street is full of 71 European and imitation European buildings, and it is a rare architectural art group in the country. It is a collection of city-level protected buildings of the Renaissance, Baroque, Eclecticism and modern style.

Central Street is very suitable to have a visit here, as there are a lot of Russian goods, which are not expensive, but very funny. The Flood Control Monument and Zhaolin Park, Songhua River and Sun Island are very close. Playing for two days in the Central Street is very fulfilling. The cable car of Songhua River is also good. If you take the tourist car, it will cost 15 Yuan/person, which is very valuable. And it takes just 5 minutes to St Sofia Orthodox Church, which is very beautiful.

Snacks in the Central Street are so dazzling that you can have the urge to eat all the time. It is a famous commercial street in Harbin. You don’t need shop at all, but you must take a walk here in Harbin. Especially in the winter, the old streets, buildings, ice sculptures, old objects, signs, and pedestrians who have walked through here under the warm sun, are all beautiful views of the ice city in your heart.

The Central Street is as famous as St Sofia Orthodox Church in Harbin, and it is full of Russian style. Harbin is cold but the air quality is still great. The chic buildings under the blue sky are more beautiful, and several old branded western restaurants on the street are also very special and worth visiting.