Dali Ancient Town

The time of the ancient town is always lazy and idle. Probably when God arrives here, the pointer of the clock has been slowed down by the God. The Dali Ancient Town is simple and quiet, and there is a clear stream of water in the city. Every family raises flowers and trees. A lot of visitors like to see the ancient town, like to know something that the old town has experienced in the past, like its folk customs, and like its unique flavor and food. Each ancient town has its own characteristics, or history, or humanities, or landscapes.

The Dali Ancient Town is a city that you can dream when smelling the wind! As soon as you arrive in Dali, you will be drunk in Dali and could not leave. In August, there are more than a million tourists in Yunnan, but the ancient town of Dali is quiet like a girl. No matter it is in the sky, under the Cangshan Mountain, or next to the sea, here, the sky and the white clouds are so close, the sun and the air are very transparent, as if your world is filled with the taste of a rose, so crazy! I am sure that you will like Dali, so that as long as a friend asks you about the trip to Yunnan, you will recommend Dali, and repeatedly emphasize the need to live in the ancient city for a few more days, to completely slow down the pace, really feel how happy it is to play with time.

What color can you use to allow visitors who are roaming in the ancient town of Dali to integrate into the picture and jump out of the picture? The literary and small fresh plaid series is perfect, and the totem batik will be over-exaggerated; the daily life dress will give people the visual fatigue of “have visited this place”. So, you can choose Komori’s long skirt, retro shoes, and then make a few small flower buds to successfully play the Golden Flower of the Bai nationality.