Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

If you go to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in August, when the weather is good and the visibility is high, you can see the top of the snow mountain in the Blue Moon Valley, and when you look up at the snow mountains in the dreamy blue moon valley, it can make people feel that they have immediately conquered the mountains. Sitting on the cable car to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (8 people in each cable car), watching the cliffs and pine trees under your feet through the clouds from time to time, you will feel special flavor during your trip there. After ten minutes’ drive, it is 4,506 meters in the first-level scenic spot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The surrounding clouds, the cliffs at the foot, the glaciers in the distance, and the snow-capped peaks above the head make a wonderful picture.

Before going to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, it is highly suggested that you should buy tickets for the big ropeway online in advance. The tickets during the peak season is tense. And it will be better for you to join the local travel agency if you want to have better experience in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, as it is more relaxing than the individual tour and the price is similar.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most memorable spot in Lijiang. When you look at it from far distance, you will feel it mysterious, but when you look at it at a close distance, it is majestic. Wearing a down jacket and holding an oxygen tank may seems unnecessary at first, but when you are on the scene, you will find that no matter how good or bad your body is, there would be some altitude sickness, so Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not recommended for friends who are too old and too small.

The clouds on the mountain are changing. However, the magic of nature power makes you too shocked. In addition to climbing the mountain and gasping, you are constantly taking pictures with your mobile phone during your trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.