Lijiang Ancient Town

From the airport to the Lijiang Ancient Town, the driver will tell you that Lijiang has an existing born population of 300,000 and now has an external population of more than 3 million people. Therefore, the Lijiang Ancient Town has been commercialized very seriously. It is recommended not to buy things in the ancient city, but what the tour guide tells to you is basically all about shops. When you are walking on the road in the Lijiang Ancient Town, you will feel that it is a bit like walking in Beijing’s Houhai or South Luogu Lane.

The contrast with Beijing is that there are fewer people, and of course it may be the reason for the off-season. This experience is very good.

It is estimated that some roads are anti-cultivation, but some roads should be left over from history.

Because Yunnan is in the earthquake zone, the house is not built very high, especially in the Lijiang Ancient Town.

Lijiang Ancient Town costs 80 yuan for the maintenance of the ancient town. Some local people will take you into the ancient town at a very low price. Usually it is a lie, so take care not to be cheated. Lijiang Ancient Town does not charge the maintenance fee of the ancient town at night. Most people think that it is better to take pictures during the day in the ancient town of Lijiang. You can also see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the Lijiang Ancient Town during the day.

During the day, there is the beauty of the day, and at night it is good at night. At night, there will be more people and the ancient town has more bright lights. The two big houses in the ancient town can see the big moon hanging in the sky which looks like a big moon cake. And you may feel that the scenery seen by the former people should be no different from the scenery now seen in Lijiang Ancient Town.

At night, the Lijiang Ancient Town is very noisy. Many small bars are open. Many singers are singing in deep affection as if they could bring you into their world. Some beautiful women who are good at doing business will also play the live broadcast of the mobile phone while tapping the drums.