Seven Star Park

The Seven Star Park is very big. If the weather is good, you can take a leisurely stroll, but the tickets are expensive and do not include Qixing Cave. There is also a zoo that will charge for ticket. If you don’t go there, buying a park & Qixingyan discount package ticket of 65 Yuan is acceptable. Qixing Cave is still quite big and still a bit shady. It takes 30 minutes to enter a group of tourists. There are guides to explain it. And it will take about 50 minutes for the sightseeing of the cave. The park has a nice view and there is a famous hump mountain in the park, which is suitable for the whole family to play there. Qixing Cave, zoo, CS shooting and other projects are charged separately.

The scenery of Qixing Cave is very beautiful. If you enter the park from the north gate by car, you will be told to buy a ticket, which costs 55 yuan/person, there is a flamingo park, and if you are lucky enough, you will see flamingo, which has red feathers, but not that kind of bright red color, is The flesh-colored feathers, and it looks like having no feathers. In the park, many red-crowned cranes are in front of your eyes, which are very beautiful. Then there are many caves, rocks, and hills. It is not easy to climb, as it is steep, but it is very beautiful too. The park is very big, and it’s okay to stroll around the day. If you go from the west gate, you will directly enter the central part of the scenic spot and see a lot of rocks.

The commercial atmosphere of the Seven Star Scenic Area is not so heavy. Many older people dance and exercise in it. You can take a 20-yuan sightseeing car. The most famous attraction inside the park is Camel Mountain. It is very beautiful. The staff inside is also very good.

The Seven Star Scenic Spot is a famous place! Highly suggest you go to the Seven Star Park in the morning when it is not crowded.