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Seven Star Park

The Seven Star Park is very big. If the weather is good, you can take a leisurely stroll, but the tickets are expensive and do not include Qixing Cave. There is also a zoo that will charge for ticket. If you don’t go there, buying a park & Qixingyan discount package ticket of 65 Yuan is acceptable. Qixing Cave is still quite big and still a bit shady. It takes 30 minutes to enter a group of tourists. There are guides to explain it. And it will take about 50 minutes for the sightseeing of the cave. The park has a nice view and there is a famous hump mountain in the park, which is suitable for the whole family to play there. Qixing Cave, zoo, CS shooting and other projects are charged separately.

The scenery of Qixing Cave is very beautiful. If you enter the park from the north gate by car, you will be told to buy a ticket, which costs 55 yuan/person, there is a flamingo park, and if you are lucky enough, you will see flamingo, which has red feathers, but not that kind of bright red color, is The flesh-colored feathers, and it looks like having no feathers. In the park, many red-crowned cranes are in front of your eyes, which are very beautiful. Then there are many caves, rocks, and hills. It is not easy to climb, as it is steep, but it is very beautiful too. The park is very big, and it’s okay to stroll around the day. If you go from the west gate, you will directly enter the central part of the scenic spot and see a lot of rocks.

The commercial atmosphere of the Seven Star Scenic Area is not so heavy. Many older people dance and exercise in it. You can take a 20-yuan sightseeing car. The most famous attraction inside the park is Camel Mountain. It is very beautiful. The staff inside is also very good.

The Seven Star Scenic Spot is a famous place! Highly suggest you go to the Seven Star Park in the morning when it is not crowded.

Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is a cave that is not very large in size, but the layout of the inside is very classic. There are many caves in Guilin. It is said that after viewing the caves in Guilin, you don’t have to look at other caves in other places. Reed Flute Cave is in Guilin City. However, most people feel that the caves here and there are almost the same, in addition to admire the wonders of nature, what requires the most is the imagination. When you come there, if you are lucky, there aren’t many people. And you can also have a guide to explain all the way. It is very funny. The light in the cave is very dark, and it is fine to shoot the scene. But it is easy to shoot a black face when you shoot people. Of course, if the photography technology is powerful, you can ignore it.

The difference between Reed Flute and Silver Cave is that the tour guides explain the symbols and stories that each landscape has been set, but the process by which the unconscious is made conscious is accomplished by the other, to make it accurate and vivid and maybe it equivalents to restrictions and inferiority. And you may think that the shape of the stalactites growing inside is more beautiful than that of the Yangshuo Silver Cave. There are not so many devils and ghosts when you take photos. There is also a short sound and light film, the naked eye 3D effect is an unexpected surprise.

The interior of Reed Flute is very good, like a colorful kingdom, the interior of the stalactite cave is strange, with the rock formations, and the special effects dance and special effects animation show. It is not far away from the Guilin city center. When you make a tour to Guilin, you can also buy the ticket package. In this way, you can visit all the attractions in downtown Guilin within a few days, including Diecai Mountain, Fubo Mountain, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill and Seven Star Park.

Longji Rice Terraces

The antique buildings at the entrance of the Longji terraced fields reflect the vitality of the mountain. The large green image is a splash of ink on the rice paper. If you feel tired, you can take the cable car up the mountain and enjoy the scenery along the way. The feeling of joining the green hills and green shadows is amazing.

Looking out into the distance from the foot of the mountain, the little cable car hangs on the thin line and slowly moves back and forth, like a naughty elf who is free to shuttle through the jungle.

Along the way, you can view the clear stream, which will make you excited, and you couldn’t help but squat and take a bite of the cool stream water. It will wipe off the tiredness of the mountain climbing.

After the rain, the sky is still gray, the mist hangs over the distant peaks, and the large-scale green terraces are progressively shaped to reflect the beauty of the mountains, which makes the Longji Rice Terraces more magnificent and spectacular.

For the green terraces at the foot, the majestic green waves of the mountains and the seas are straightforward. The breeze is coming, and the fragrance of the sweet-scented osmanthus in the wind is floating in the wind. It seems that the reputation of “the crown of the world of terraces” is really well-deserved.
When you enter the ticket office of Longji Town, you will start to buy the tickets of 100 yuan for the scenic spot. From the ticket office of the scenic spot to the cableway, you need to purchase 40-yuan ticket for the scenic traffic car. It is about 50 minutes’ drive to the cable car station. Longji Rice Terraces for people who like photography or travel will be very familiar. However, there is no guiding signs for the Longji terraced scenic spot. The terraces are really spectacular and beautiful! And there will be different scenery all year round, it is worth a visit!

West Street

In Yangshuo, Mountains and Rivers are everywhere. The water in Yangshuo is clear and transparent. The Li River in Yangshuo stretches more than 100 kilometers, and the mountains and waters are the most exquisite part of the scenery of the Li River. There are the wonder of the world: lotus rocks, the thousand-year-old banyan, the moon-hole wonders, and the Yulong River, which is known as the “Little Li River”.

Most of the attractions in Yangshuo require tickets, and the price is slightly more expensive. If you plan to play more attractions, it is recommended to book tickets online in advance or purchase travel packages at the ticket office and travel agency. The West Street, which has been in existence for more than 1400 years, is the oldest bustling street in Yangshuo and one of the important tourist attractions in Yangshuo. West Street is a collection of vocabulary such as foraging, shopping, and clubbing. Because of this richness and variety, it has become a unique and beautiful landscape of Yangshuo.

The street of less than 1km is made of stone slabs and has a curved S shape. The houses on both sides are simple and elegant, with the style of northern Guilin in Ming and Qing Dynasties, featuring small blue tiles, sloping roofs, white powder walls and hanging balconies. The street is full of various tourist souvenirs. The shops on both sides are both Chinese and Western styles. Almost all the signs are in Chinese and English. The waiters can serve the tourists with fluent foreign languages.

When you have a trip to the West Street, the beer that has long been famous as the first dish of Yangshuo must been taste, which is fat but not greasy, and it is spicy and palatable. In addition to the food, there are many bars there. When the night falls, it is livelier than the day.

Time needed for visiting: 1 day

Transportation: It takes 5-10 minutes to walk from Yangshuo Bus Station.

Tickets: Free

Opening hours: all day

The Elephant Trunk Hill

The Elephant Trunk Hill is taking the Elephant Trunk as the main body, and it is located in the Taohua River in the southern end of Binjiang Road in the city and is injected into the Lijiang River. And it is named after its mountain shape resembling a giant elephant drawing water along the river. The vivid image is fascinating. It is regarded as the representative of Guilin landscape, the symbol of Guilin City, and the central symbol of Guilin City. The Elephant Trunk Hill is steep, the ancient rock is vicissitudes, the vines are climbing between the cliffs, and the mountains banyan are attached. It has always been a tourist attraction, which is featuring the beautiful scenery, the magical image, the moving legend, and has attracted a lot of refined scholars.

Short and long-distance tours are available at the Lijiang River terminal. It takes about 1 hour on a short trip to see the full view of the Elephant Trunk Hill and several other famous attractions. The fare is 50 yuan/person. There are guides on board, as well as food and souvenirs for sale. For those who have short time and want to enjoy a little more beauty, it is a great choice.

Long distance is from here to Yangshuo, along the way you can take advantage of the great scenery of Guilin, but one-way will take half a day to get off the boat.

Official telephone of the Elephant Trunk Hill: 0773-2215218; 0773-2206800;

Time reference for visiting the Elephant Trunk Hill: Less than 1 hour,

How to go to the Elephant Trunk Hill:

It can be reached by taking the No.2, 16, 23, 33, 57, 58 bus and sightseeing bus 1.


Ordinary ticket: 70 RMB (during Monday – Sunday from January 1st – December 31st)


Official website booking fare from PC: 65 yuan/person

Opening hours

06:30-21:00 (during Monday – Sunday from April 1st – October 31st)

07:00-18:30 (during Monday – Sunday from November 1st – March 31st of the following year Monday-Sunday).

Li River

The biggest feeling of being in the Lijiang River is nothing but beauty. This beauty with a worldly atmosphere is probably only acceptable to the Li River. Like a fairy with a fireworks, the reason why it is called a fairy is simply because of beauty. However, the trend is even more intense, but it does not affect the beauty of Li River. This kind of beauty is natural, straightforward and amazing. It turns out that beauty is not the kind that has to be maintained and decorated, that is, the fact that it is natural and beautiful. The beauty of Li River is eye-catching, which make the language congested, and the beauty can be so outstanding. This is obvious.

In fact, there are a lot of things to play along the Li River. For example, take a bamboo raft, go to the place of the back of RMB 20 yuan to take photo with the 20 Yuan, or go to the Laozhai Mountain.

The scenery along the coast is a continuous landscape painting. People touring in the Ri Liver will feel a great joy, and what comes after it is lingering! There are mountains, water, and mountains for cooking, water for wine, and you can feel it delicious, without regrets in the life! The mountain is also eyebrows, the water is also rouge, then you can smell such a fragrance, and it is really refreshing and pleasant. Then, in addition to feeling that you are already a fairy, you may only feel the fascination of the Li River.

You can walke slowly on the shore of the Li River, and sit on the stone bench and wait quietly for the sunset. The slowly disobedient sunset climb over the Li River and the entire sky is dyed into pink color. The clouds are pink too. They are many tourists sitting on the banks of the Li River and watching the beautiful sunset. There are many parents who bring their children to play on the Lijiang River. Many photographers are waiting for the awesome scenery after sunset. The landscape of the Li River, together with the beautiful sunset, makes it even more fascinating.