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Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a world-class theme park that combines sea and land animals, mobile games and large-scale performances. It is also one of the most popular theme parks in the world. In 2012, Ocean Park Hong Kong competed in the world’s best theme park competition, and it has defeated the French “madman” theme park and the US “Santa Cruz” to be named “the world’s first theme park”, and becomes the first theme park in Asia to receive this honor.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is located in Wong Chuk Hang, South District, Hong Kong Island. The Nangang Island Line, which opened at the end of 2016, makes your trip to the Ocean Park super convenient. As the transit station of the Nangang Island Line, as long as you take the subway to Jinzhong Station, you can see the scenery of the Ocean Park after you arrive at the Ocean Park Station. You can directly enter the scenic gate by a special flyover. This is the fastest way to go to the Ocean Park.

Opening hours for the Ocean Park Hong Kong: daily from 10:00 to 18:00 (summer extended to 23:00); ticket price details are listed on the official website, and you can take one ticket to play all the projects in the park. It is recommended to take a day to play in the park, after all, Ocean Park Hong Kong belongs to the world Level theme park, it’s not fun to play without 1-day time.

The park opens at 10:00, tickets can be bought on-site, but it is recommended to buy online in advance, as online ticket purchase is much cheaper than on-site ticket purchase, and there are relatively large discounts from time to time. There are maps and performance time at the entrance of the park. You can also download the app of Ocean Park. There are also maps and performance time. You can also know the queue time of the attraction, the attractions that have been temporarily closed and some coupons on the App.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong is similar the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Of course, Victoria Harbour will be even bigger. After all, it is a seaport. During the day in Victoria Harbour, you can enjoy the different feeling on the Star Ferry. If the daytime in Victoria Harbour is simple and tasteless, then the night at Victoria Harbour is a mysterious but attractive poison that will make you deep and can’t get out of it. The night at Victoria Harbour makes no difference to Shanghai’s Bund, but more of a kind of fashion, and the night view of Shanghai Bund is elegant. The Victoria Harbour is more spacious and longer, and the river is wider, and you will feel something different.

Victoria Harbour is a must-see classic scenic spot for every visitor who makes a trip to Hong Kong. The location is located near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station. There is also the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Avenue of Stars near the harbour. The scenery is beautiful, and the whole beach will make you feel refreshed. Opposite the harbor, there are high-rise buildings, of course, the most suitable time to come to the Victoria Harbour is at night, as you can choose to go to the other side by boat to appreciate the amazing charm of the night view there, then take the bus or cable car, or take a taxi to the top of the Victoria Peak. At night, the high-rise buildings are star-studded, and when you are overlooking from the top of the mountain, you will really feel the scenery is beautiful.

The night view of Victoria Harbour is really fascinating! The street band that is composed of Hong Kong trend youths makes people stop to listen; lovers rely on the railings to talk about love; the old man walks with the children on the Avenue of Stars; tourists appreciate the beauty and have long been reluctant to leave. The light, the sea, the breeze makes people get away from the world and forget the troubles!

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland consists of a paradise and three hotels (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and Disney’s Discovery Resort), to provide guests with a wonderful Disney experience that is accessible to all families and guests of all ages. The Disneyland Resort opened in September 2005 and has received tens of millions of guests from all over the world and has become one of Hong Kong’s popular tourist hotspots.

Hong Kong Disneyland has seven theme parks: American Town Street, Adventure World, Tomorrow World, Fantasy World, Fighting Base Camp, Grizzly Valley and Blurred Manor, which are offering more than 100 rides and entertainment experiences. Hong Kong Disneyland continues to introduce new and exciting performances, recreation facility and interactive experiences, including the musical “Disney Magic Study” and “Fairy Garden – Presented by Pandora”. You can also personally experience the “Galaxy War: Galaxy Thrilling Showdown of the invasion of the World of Tomorrow”.

You can explore the jungles of the country, visit the mysterious museum, fly to the mine by taking the mine car, ride a boat to the colorful world, and even take a rocket to fly into space. There are a variety of American styles in Hong Kong Disneyland, and Chinese, Asian, American and Indian restaurants always will offer you delicious food in the resort.

There are three most important performances of the day, including daytime’s parade celebrations, nighttime’s light and shadow celebrations and fireworks displays in front of the closed castle. The performance time varies according to the specific business hours. Visitors can refer to the official website of the resort or check the time manual of the day.

Departing from the American town street, you will pass through Hong Kong Disney’s major theme parks, it is a very classic amusement facility for Disneyland to take visitors through various attractions of Disneyland with ease. You will enjoy yourself there.

Victoria Peak

The women love shopping, the children love playing in Disney, and you can come to feel the bustling in Hong Kong; but the essence of Hong Kong lies in his night, you can go to Lan Kwai Fong in Central to order a cup of Red wine and then stay up all night, or take a cruise on the Star Ferry, or take the Peak Tram to the top of the Victoria Peak to see the glamorous nights of Victoria Harbour and the rhythm of Hong Kong neon lights.

In Hong Kong, also there is peace, just go to Lantau Island and experience the interlacing of time; go to the sea bay and enjoy the romance of the sea breeze; go to Stanley and taste the old European style; go to Lamma Island and let the mind do a yoga; go to Saigon to find the old fishing port style, but also let you see a different Hong Kong.

The Victoria Peak is one of Hong Kong’s landmarks and the highest point in Hong Kong, where you can overlook the Hong Kong City. It can take the retro red cable car to the top of the mountain, with a total length of 1,350 meters and 5 parking stations in the middle. It is the earliest cableway system in Asia. The Lingxiao Pavilion is the most conspicuous building on the top of the mountain. The 360° viewing platform on the top floor is a perfect place to overlook the Victoria Harbour. It is recommended to come at night as the night view is very shocking. In addition to the Linglong Pavilion, there are also good sights such as Madame Tussauds and the Peak Post Office on the top of the mountain. Don’t miss them either.

Telephone phone:

Peak Tram: +852-25220922; The Peak Tower: +852-28490668

Visiting Time duration reference: more than 3 hours

How to go to there:

Take the 15C bus to get off at the Yamagata Cable Car Station of Central Garden Road; or take bus no. 15 at Central Pier 5, Bus No. 15B at Causeway Bay (Tin Hau Station) and Central Bus No. 1 to the Peak.

Tickets: Free


Adult Ticket for Peak Tram: HKD 28 for one way and HKD 40 for two way.

Opening hours: all day

Opening hour: Peak Tram 07:00-24:00