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Super Brand Mall

Super Brand Mall is located in the Lujiazui Financial Center by the Huangpu River, adjacent to popular attractions such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, and the World Financial Center. The high-rise buildings of Lujiazui Financial Center can be clearly seen on the skybridge outside the square. It is a good place for photography.

Super Brand Mall is large in scale. It used to be the largest shopping mall in China with a total area of 240,000 square meters. The business model inside is particularly rich, including a variety of commodities, cinemas, cafes, game consoles, gourmet dishes from all over the world and children’s amusement facilities and products, and there are more than 1,000 international and domestic brands in the entire mall. It is a good place for leisure shopping. It can be said to be a one-stop lifestyle shopping and amusement square.

The location of Super Brand Mall is very superior and the transportation is convenient. At Lujiazui Station of Metro Line 2, walk out of the metro station and walk up to the raised bridge, which is connecting all directions, with signs on every side. You can reach Super Brand Mall directly. Super Brand Mall is near the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and other attractions. From the bridge to the Super Brand Mall for shopping, the shopping environment of the entire mall is very good, clean, bright and distinct. You can buy some imported food in the supermarket on the basement level. There are a lot of imported foods here, and they are cheap. There are popular shops such as HM, Gap and CA on the first floor, and there are usually discounts. There are several restaurants on the 8th floor that you can also try.

The most lively and popular shopping mall in Lujiazui is the Super Brand Mall. The functions of Super Brand Mall are the same as other malls. You can shop, eat, and entertain here. Super Brand Mall’s popularity may be because there are more friendly brands, supermarkets and restaurants.

Global Harbour

Shanghai Global Harbour is the only European-style Shopping Mall in China and the largest shopping mall in the center of the world. The shopping mall incorporates modern design elements into the European architectural style, and the atrium shape shapes the original magnificent building in a detailed and layered manner. Shopping here, you can feel the foreign shopping culture and fashion.

The most distinctive feature is that the European-style interior has been carefully crafted from part to the whole, integrating nostalgic romantic feelings with modern people’s needs for life; the unique “European-style dome” is combined with “corridor design”, which is magnificent. It is wide and fully compatible with luxurious, elegant and fashionable modern lighting, presenting a neoclassical modern style. As long as you have time, you can spend a whole day in it. The food here has its own characteristics, the products are dazzling, and entertainment and consumption are both good.

In addition to many world-renowned brands that are favored by the public, Global Harbour features designer brands on the second floor, which are combined with the main store, to show the latest trends. The fifth floor is currently the largest roof garden plaza in Shanghai, and there is also a stylish car cinema with a unique style.

Global Harbour is the largest, most European, and most luxurious flagship store in the top shopping mall in Shanghai and even in the country. Shopping inside is a kind of enjoyment, and you can find a place where it is suitable for afternoon tea. The shopping center integrates shopping, dining, entertainment, cinema viewing, and museum visits. You will not feel tired even if you go shopping, eat, drink, watch movies, and take photos in the shopping center. There are shopping on every floor, and restaurants are distributed on many floors. It is highly recommended to visit and experience.

To go there, you can take Metro Line 3, 4, 13 to Jinshajiang Road Station, and then you can reach it on foot. It can be reached by bus 44, 67, 69, 224, 829, 909, etc.

Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets

Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets is located in the Shanghai International Tourism Resort, in the heart of Pudong New Area, adjacent to Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets covers an area of 55,000 square meters and consists of three crescent-shaped buildings that are facing the lake. It is neat and elegant, like a refined European-style holiday park.

The shopping village is characterized by European-style buildings, large water fountains, elaborately designed shopping themed three-dimensional green flower beds and brand stores and restaurants. Many restaurants have outdoor open-air seats, and the decoration is exquisite. It is suitable for dating. It is a leisure district where tourist attractions, casual dining, and shopping are integrated. Together with Disney Town, it is regarded as a special commercial district in Shanghai.

Each street here is named after an Art Deco leader. Yi’olai Shanghai Outlets currently gathers more than 100 boutique brand stores, all of which are built with the highest international design standards, creating an extraordinary shopping paradise for millions of tourists at home and abroad and in the surrounding areas of Shanghai.

The buildings of Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets adopt the art deco technique to create a strong American style. There are all kinds of famous brand shops in the scenic spot, which makes it an excellent place for shopping. The surrounding environment is well maintained, and it is suitable for the family to travel together.

How to reach Yi’olai Shanghai Shopping Village: You can drive to No. 88 Shendi East Road, Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and park your car in the P2 or P3 parking lot of Shanghai International Tourism Resort. Take subway line 11 to Disney Station, take the shuttle bus at Exit 4 Marvelous Road Connection Station, take one stop and you will arrive in 5 minutes. You can also choose to walk, walk out of Exit 3 for 15 minutes. The No.1, No.2 and No.3 shuttle buses of Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts District all reach the shopping village.

Shanghai IFC MALL

Shanghai IFC MALL’s environment here is first-class and the supporting facilities are luxurious. It is one of the popular shopping malls in Pudong New Area and is directly connected to Metro Line 2.

The international luxury goods in the mall are complete, and each store is spacious, the windows are exquisitely decorated, the waiters are uniformly dressed, and warmly welcome every customer. Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Prada, Dior, Chanel, Coach, and other international first-line brands are all available here, and a part of them are entering the mainland of China for the first time. There is also the first Apple Store flagship store in Shanghai, which is very popular. The sunken 3D cinema Paragon is another entertainment option here. To arrive there, just take Metro Line 2 to Lujiazui Station and walk to it.

The traffic around the Shanghai IFC MALL is extending in all directions. This shopping mall is very large and one of the iconic buildings in Lujiazui! It has a total of 10 floors, 3 floors underground, B3 is a parking lot, and it is also very large to meet the needs of tourists! But the price of the goods here will be a little more expensive than other places. This mall is still a very high-end mall. Basically, all the big names are gathered here. You can see the first-class international products here. It is really a paradise for shopping. And for people who enjoy delicious food, there are also many choices in IFC MALL!

The whole shopping mall is located at the corner of Century Avenue and Yincheng Middle Road, but the layout is fairly neat, and it will not make people feel that they are turning around and shopping here is very comfortable. The whole mall features big brand shops, making it very convenient to go shopping here. In short, it is a mall worth visiting during your trip to Shanghai!