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Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets

Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets is located in the Shanghai International Tourism Resort, in the heart of Pudong New Area, adjacent to Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets covers an area of 55,000 square meters and consists of three crescent-shaped buildings that are facing the lake. It is neat and elegant, like a refined European-style holiday park.

The shopping village is characterized by European-style buildings, large water fountains, elaborately designed shopping themed three-dimensional green flower beds and brand stores and restaurants. Many restaurants have outdoor open-air seats, and the decoration is exquisite. It is suitable for dating. It is a leisure district where tourist attractions, casual dining, and shopping are integrated. Together with Disney Town, it is regarded as a special commercial district in Shanghai.

Each street here is named after an Art Deco leader. Yi’olai Shanghai Outlets currently gathers more than 100 boutique brand stores, all of which are built with the highest international design standards, creating an extraordinary shopping paradise for millions of tourists at home and abroad and in the surrounding areas of Shanghai.

The buildings of Shanghai Yi’olai Outlets adopt the art deco technique to create a strong American style. There are all kinds of famous brand shops in the scenic spot, which makes it an excellent place for shopping. The surrounding environment is well maintained, and it is suitable for the family to travel together.

How to reach Yi’olai Shanghai Shopping Village: You can drive to No. 88 Shendi East Road, Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and park your car in the P2 or P3 parking lot of Shanghai International Tourism Resort. Take subway line 11 to Disney Station, take the shuttle bus at Exit 4 Marvelous Road Connection Station, take one stop and you will arrive in 5 minutes. You can also choose to walk, walk out of Exit 3 for 15 minutes. The No.1, No.2 and No.3 shuttle buses of Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts District all reach the shopping village.

Da Dong Restaurant (Huanmao iapm Store)

The Beijing cuisine created by Da Dong Restaurant is unique and has long been known among all tourists. The signature dish of “Crispy” roast duck is very famous. The chef cut the ​​duck on the spot and it has the right temperature and tastes delicious. The interior of the restaurant uses decorative elements such as flower ceilings and feather lighting. It is romantic in simplicity, and the projected verses create a strong cultural atmosphere that is worth experiencing.

It is a very elegant and romantic restaurant. It is located in the downtown area; its popularity is good. The food ingredients are fresh, the taste is unique, and it suits the taste of the common people. The overall service level is also very high. When you have a party here, you will have a good experience. The food here is super delicious, and at first glance, it feels appetizing, but the portion is not large and it looks very delicate. The taste of the dishes is moderately salty and mild, and the heat is just right. Serving speed is also fast.

Da Dong restaurant is comfortable and quiet, clean and tidy, and the food is beautiful in appearance. The taste is delicious and very distinctive, the service attitude is very good, the price is a bit expensive, but it is a good place for friends to dine, and it is also suitable to take family members to get together.

Cherry foie gras and roast duck are must-taste dishes in Da Dong Restaurant. The foie gras is refreshing and delicious, and it is not greasy. Roast duck is innovative, and it is still a little different from traditional roast duck, which is very interesting. The traditional Beijing Roast Duck has a new way of eating here. The dishes are very delicate and cater to the tastes of foreigners. The environment is good and very innovative. Service attitude is also good, it is worth recommending. Eating here is a great treat.

Shanghai IFC MALL

Shanghai IFC MALL’s environment here is first-class and the supporting facilities are luxurious. It is one of the popular shopping malls in Pudong New Area and is directly connected to Metro Line 2.

The international luxury goods in the mall are complete, and each store is spacious, the windows are exquisitely decorated, the waiters are uniformly dressed, and warmly welcome every customer. Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Prada, Dior, Chanel, Coach, and other international first-line brands are all available here, and a part of them are entering the mainland of China for the first time. There is also the first Apple Store flagship store in Shanghai, which is very popular. The sunken 3D cinema Paragon is another entertainment option here. To arrive there, just take Metro Line 2 to Lujiazui Station and walk to it.

The traffic around the Shanghai IFC MALL is extending in all directions. This shopping mall is very large and one of the iconic buildings in Lujiazui! It has a total of 10 floors, 3 floors underground, B3 is a parking lot, and it is also very large to meet the needs of tourists! But the price of the goods here will be a little more expensive than other places. This mall is still a very high-end mall. Basically, all the big names are gathered here. You can see the first-class international products here. It is really a paradise for shopping. And for people who enjoy delicious food, there are also many choices in IFC MALL!

The whole shopping mall is located at the corner of Century Avenue and Yincheng Middle Road, but the layout is fairly neat, and it will not make people feel that they are turning around and shopping here is very comfortable. The whole mall features big brand shops, making it very convenient to go shopping here. In short, it is a mall worth visiting during your trip to Shanghai!

Chenglonghangxiewangfu Restaurant

The decoration of the Chenglonghangxiewangfu restaurant was inspired by the Ming and Qing dynasties. Red lanterns and old wooden furniture elements create a simple charm. The traditional folk music and calligraphy and painting set off a strong cultural atmosphere. The environment of this restaurant is very good, and it is very clean and tidy, and the food is not only beautiful in appearance, but importantly, the taste is very good. The cuisine practice retains the original taste of the ingredients to be fresh and delicious. Moreover, there are many choices of dishes, and the price is not high. It is suitable to take your family to enjoy dinner here.

Chenglonghangxiewangfu is a relatively famous restaurant for eating crabs, where you can also enjoy the folk music performances. The package is cost-effective, and the eight cold dishes and meat dishes are well matched. The environment here is comfortable and elegant, and also very artistic, exquisite and elegant. The food is very fresh, and you can enjoy good service. The price is a little expensive, but after all, the grade is high and noble, many people like the dishes and environment here.

Come to Chenglonghangxiewangfu to eat a variety of crab-related dishes. When you enter the restaurant, you will clearly feel the quaint and festive decoration. It inherits the antique flavor that is inseparable from the traditional Chinese culture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In short, the crabs here are very good, the environment is clear, the service is warm and considerate. There are sour, spicy, sweet, salty flavor available. Superb cooking skills of the restaurant achieves all kinds of crab products, which is really a bit unexpected, and the taste is very delicious. It is the first choice for dinning.

Specialties of Chenglonghangxiewangfu: crab noodle tofu, drunk crab, snow crab bucket, steamed hairy crab, Chenglongxing selected hairy crab, crabsticks asparagus etc.


Take Metro Lines 2 or 10 to Nanjing East Road Station, go out from the exit 3, and walk east along Jiujiang Road for about 200 meters.

Kata Beach

The beaches in Phuket are nothing more than Kata Beach, Karon Beach and Patong Beach. Patong Beach is the biggest, but it is also the most crowded. Of course, the excitement in Patong Beach is not comparable by any other beaches. But there are still some tourists favorable with Kata Beach. Kata Beach’s waves are the biggest, and the waves are really much more comfortable than that of other places! It is recommended to take your children to enjoy the holiday together in Kata Beach, as this natural bay is best for children who like to ride the waves and adventure! Of course, the waves are not very big, which is also suitable for children to play!

The vibrant Kata Beach has a prominent sea bream to divide the beach into two parts, with the Kata Yai Beach on the north side and the Kata Noi Beach on the south side. The scenery of the two beaches are beautiful. Although there are some high-end dining places and resorts in Kata Beach, the flirtatious expression and the villages in the style of free and unrestrained have been preserved. Kata Beach combines Bohemian and palatial styles, which is very different.

There is a good view point on the top of the mountain in the south of the Kata Beach, and it is called Karon View Point. When the weather is fine, you can view the charm of the three bays of the “Kata Yai Beach” and “Kata Noi Beach” and Karon Beach. This is the famous landscape on the postcard of Phuket. It is also one of the best places to enjoy the sunset in Phuket. However, the mountain road to the Karon View Point is rather rugged. It is recommended to take a bus to the Karon View Point, which is about 3.5 kilometers away from the hotel. In addition, Kata Beach area also gathers some star-rated hotels, with excellent environment and service, and it is a good choice to enjoy holiday.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is a more famous and attractive beach on Phuket. It is located on the west coast of Phuket. It is about 15 km from Phuket Town. It has a horseshoe shape, soft sand, clear water and fine wind. It is one of the liveliest beaches on the island. The south and north sides of Patong Beach are coral reefs which are colourful. When you make your trip to Thailand, you can come to Patong Beach to view the sea, you can experience a variety of exciting water sports, you can eat the legendary seafood at the food stalls.

Eat, drink, and have fun at Patong Beach

In addition to this lively beach, the beach roads in Patong are home to most of Phuket’s hotels, resorts, shopping malls, restaurants and a variety of entertainment and commercial facilities. In addition, there are some traditional Thai market stalls on the streets along the beach, selling food and small commodities. It can satisfy all your needs of eating, drinking and playing during your trip to the Patong Beach in the Phuket.

Enjoy the nightlife experience at Patong Beach

If you still feel that you are not playing enough in the Patong Beach, you can head to the famous Bang La Road Pedestrian Street to enjoy the colorful bar nightlife. Order a cup of drink, chat with strangers on an exotic night, watch the nightlife of foreigners, and blow the sea breeze. It is really enjoyable.

There are more than 100 various bars and dance halls in Patong Beach, among which Soi Easy and Banana Disco are famous. In addition, there are both noisy beer bars, and also elegant cocktail bars, and American-style bars such as Rock City, and the unique Thai Boxing Hall.

Enjoy the rich water activities at Patong Beach

There are a wide variety of water activities on Patong Beach, including snorkeling, banana boating, windsurfing, jet skiing, and paragliding at sea. If you are tired, you can rent a lounge chair, lie down and sunbathe, and appreciate the charm of the guys and girls from all over the world on the beach.

Goh Raja Yai

Goh Raja Yai is 12 kilometers south of Phuket and it takes around 30-40 minutes to arrive there by speedboat. The sea is clear, the beach is white, and the coast scene of the coral reef is infinitely beautiful. It is really a great island with blue sea and clean beach. Even though Goh Raja Yai is a small island, there is an ATV on the island, and it is really fun to take a ride around the beach, and it is good to relax on Goh Raja Yai even though you go there alone. There are also diving programs and there are also hotels on the island. You can stay on Goh Raja Yai for one night, watch the sunset, enjoy the nightlife, which will be quite fun to play there. Anf if you just take the 1-day trip to the Goh Raja Yai, you may mainly play on the seaside, and enjoy snorkeling or diving.

Compared to other popular or less popular attractions in Phuket, Goh Raja Yai is a very new attraction. You can live in the Rea Buri Hotel on the Goh Raja Yai. The island is very primitive and is said to have the monitor lizard. The island is not big, the back of the Goh Raja Yai is the Racha hotel. And there are so many stones on the beach, and the waves are big, so, just pay attention to safety while you are playing on the Goh Raja Yai. The raya baba restaurant on the island has a high price/performance ratio. It is best to book breakfast at the hotel because yo won’t find anything to eat in the morning on the island.

In Goh Raja Yai, there are seas and scenery that are as beautiful as the Maldives. You only need to have a relaxed and happy mood, to quietly experience your trip there. And it is recommended to order self-funded items online which will be more cost-effective and save time. Be sure to bring a water sunscreen tool. Moreover, it is recommended to learn to swim so that you can dive into the deep seabed to see the colorful scenery in the Goh Raja Yai.

Peak Flown From Afar

Each attraction has a story of its own. You can have a tour guide to get a better understanding of its history. Every stone Buddha in Peak Flown From Afar has its own story and has its own history. You can feel it with your heart. The environment is very fresh and refined, and the surrounding development is also very good. The northern peak behind Lingyin scenic spot also has a hiking trail, which is very suitable for hiking.

The stones on the mountain wall of Peak Flown From Afar have many Buddhist sculptures, and each sides has a lot of carvings, which is a bit like the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, and there is also One Line Sky. There is a small place on the huge cave to see the sky. Behind it, there is the pattern of the Western Heaven, and various auspicious patterns of the Buddha. In addition, calligraphy works can be carefully appreciated in the Peak Flown From Afar. It is an awesome scenic spot which features rivers, green hills, stone carvings, birds, fish, towering trees, green shades, etc. and the temple stands tall and has its own characteristics.

Peak Flown From Afar is a must-see destination in Hangzhou, which is rich in human history and natural history. There are mountains and water, and if you live in Hangzhou, you can go there once a week, as exercise. If you go to Hangzhou to travel, it is suitable to go to the Peak Flown From Afar at 7:30 a.m. to avoid the crowded people! Every scene in the Peak Flown From Afar is full of buddhist mood, and it is suitable for walking slowly, calm down your mood!

The scenery of Peak Flown From Afar is really good. Whether it is the scenery on the mountain or the Lingyin Temple under the mountain, it is very enjoyable. As a famous old attraction in Hangzhou, Peak Flown From Afar is a very good place to climb mountain and worship Budda.

Thousand Islets Lake

Thousand Islets Lake is located in the western suburbs of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 129 kilometers east of Hangzhou and 130 kilometers west of Huangshan. It is the famous attraction in the famous travel itinerary line of Hangzhou – Thousand Islets Lake – Huangshan, which features famous city, famous lake and famous mountain. It forms an organic tourism network with Hangzhou West Lake, Anhui Huangshan, Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Water Town, Jiangxi Wuyuan, Sanqingshan, Fujian Wuyishan and other scenic spots. Thousand Islets Lake is located in the center of Zhejiang-Chongqing regional tourism cooperation, and from large cities such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, and Fujian, you can go straight to Thousand Islets Lake from the high-speed road.

Thousand Islets Lake covers an area of ​​573 square kilometers and is named after 1078 lush green isles in the lake. The water body of 17.8 billion cubic meters is four times that of Taihu Lake and can be 3000 West Lakes in Hangzhou. The visibility of water body is kept at 9-12 meters. Thousand Islets Lake is characterized by “Thousand Islands, Clear Water, Golden Belt (a layer of golden yellow soil belt around the island and the lake, which is called the “Golden Belt”). The island is like a jade; its water is like a veiled girl, showing the tender feeling; its girdle is like a ring of gold in the emerald, and under the sun’s rays, it shines brightly and dazzlingly.

When you are walking by the lake and look into the distance, you can see countless large and small islands in front of you. And when you are sitting on a speedboat to shuttle on the Thousand Island Lake, the cool breeze will drive the summer heat, to make you feel comfortable. If you want to see the most beautiful scenery of Thousand Island Lake, just climb up the top of Meifeng Island, from where you can see more than 300 islands of Thousand Island Lake, as well as Longshan Island, Lock Island, etc., all have their own unique scenery.

Mountain Putuo

Mountain Putuo and Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Mount Emei in Sichuan, and Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui Province are also known as the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism. It is the dojos of Guanyin Bodhisattva to educate all beings. Mountain Putuo is one of the 1390 islands in the Zhoushan Islands. It is covering an area of nearly 13 square kilometers. It faces the Shenjiamen of the Zhoushan Islands across the sea. It is known as the “Haitian Buddha Kingdom” and the “South China Sea Holy Land”. It is said to be the first batch of national key scenic spots.

On May 8, 2007, the Mountain Putuo Scenic Spot in Zhoushan City was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot. “There are mountains on the sea and mountains are in illusory scene.” Mountain Putuo has become a famous tourist destination both at home and abroad because of its magic, sacredness and mystery.

Mountain Putuo is long and narrow in the north and south and covers an area of about 12.5 square kilometers. The scenery on the island is hustle and bustle, the cave is strange, the temples are ancient, and the clouds are winding. Putuo Mountain is also known as the mountain with clear water and beautiful scenery. Being the sea mountain, the Putuo Mountain fully shows the beauty of nature of the sea and the mountains. It looks more beautiful and majestic when it is connected with the mountain and the sea.

Mountain Putuo is a Guanyin Dojo, and a Buddhist shrine, whose religious activities can be traced back to Qin dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, the rise of the Maritime Silk Road promoted the formation of the Guanyin Dojo in Mountain Putuo and quickly became the center of Han Buddhism and spread to Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea. By the end of the Qing Dynasty, the whole mountain had formed three major temples, 88 Buddhist temples, and 128 thatched sheds. No matter what the size of the temple is, it is dedicated to Guanyin Tuas. It can be said that it is the “hometown of Guanyin”.